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The top six iconic luxury convertibles

By Luxury Lifestyle Magazine on 3rd August 2017

Over the past decade, convertible cars have come to represent the epitome of style and luxury. These pioneering vehicles have helped shape the automobile world of today, and with summer in full swing there is no better time to pay homage to the beautiful creations that have changed the way we drive under the sun forever.

Recent research by Exotics Car Collection, and Stephen Laing, automotive expert and Curator of British Motor Museum, uncovered the most iconic cars of the past 100 years. We’ve taken a look at all 40 of them and have selected our top six luxurious convertibles.

The Ferrari 365 GTS 4 Daytona Spyder

First, we have the 1950s Chevrolet, a charismatic car series that dominated the automobile world and, at the time of sale, was available in over 400 colours and model combinations. Its convertible model, the Chevrolet Bel Air, was released in 1955, a charming motor, equipped with clean luxurious interiors and a distinctive tail-finned grill that made it extremely popular. Today, the Bel Air is one of the most desired classic cars and has, without doubt, earned its place in the history books.

Next in line, we have one of British engineering’s most celebrated cars, the 1960s Jaguar E-Type which, according to Enzo Ferrari, is “the most beautiful car ever made”. The E-Type is the perfect blend of high-performance and authentic sports styling. After 60 years, it’s still desired, still one of the world’s most sought-after cars. Its legacy has inspired the British brand to launch a Reborn programme, giving today’s car enthusiasts an opportunity to experience a car that became a canvas for future automobile generations.

At number three, we have the elegant compact Ferrari 250 GTC California, that has also become the most expensive convertible to be sold at auction ($15.2 million). This sophisticated bright red roadster was powered by an impressive 3.0L V12 engine that delivered an impressive 250mph, making it one of the most powerful cars of the 60s.

Our fourth choice is another class Italian production, the Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder, a sports car that is at the heart of Ferrari’s engineering accomplishments. Powered by an impressive 4.4L V12 engine and distinguished by an elegant exterior that would turn heads at every corner, the Daytona showcases the perfect balance of style and power.

The Jaguar-E-Type

Comfortably owning its place at number five is the legendary Aston Martin DB9 Volante, one of Britain’s most celebrated roadsters is a true example of Aston Martin’s passion for innovation. The DB9 is a dynamic, beautifully designed sports car that has also been associated with James Bond.

Finally, at number six, we have the 20th century’s most iconic convertible, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. Equipped with four driving modes, including one for racing, this high-performance supercar was designed to deliver a road-commanding driving experience that you will never forget.

Convertibles have played a significant role in the automotive history and have, without reservation, earned their place within the motoring industry. They are luxurious, stylish and elegant. The perfect summer car that makes driving under the sun that extra special.

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