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5 considerations for first-time luxury car buyers

You’re likely to have been considering this for a while; you’ve worked hard, taken care of the essentials, invested in a property perhaps, experienced those life-changing trips – but now the time has come to really indulge in that luxury car you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m generalising here – you might be one of those whose very first thought was ‘when can I get my ultimate dream vehicle’ – paying the price to drive around in luxury is hugely inviting, mostly because you’ll be getting premium comfort, engineering, a premium brand, and…well…pretty much premium everything. If you looked at our list of the best luxury cars to buy in 2019, which includes the fabulous Tesla Model S and the newly redesigned Lexus LS 500, we wouldn’t be surprised if you have already booked yourself in for a test drive at your local dealership.

But before you start waving the plastic about there are a few things to take into consideration when buying a luxury car.

Luxury cars are well-built, stylish, have top-notch safety features as standard, and are powerful performers. Image credit: Lipik

The safety

Luxury car manufacturers don’t only spend time ensuring their cars are flashy and sporty, but they fit them out the latest in safety technology too. While you might not get some of these features in cheaper cars on the market, you can expect to receive the latest and greatest in safety design when you buy something from a luxury brand. Taking a look at these luxury car safety features, for example, you can expect night vision camera systems, adaptive cruise control, and collision warning systems fitted as standard.

The performance

When it comes to power and performance, you need only look at some of the latest luxury car models on the market. According to the experts over at, on the lower end of the market, you are looking at cars with at least 300 horsepower, and at the higher end, you are looking at cars with around 450-500! That’s some oomph, and you will feel every inch of the car’s power, from the moment you hit a quick and smooth acceleration at the beginning of your journey to the very end after you have enjoyed a very nippy and agile ride.

The prestige

You’ve earned your money so why not spend it on a swish ride? And what better way to cruise the highways and byways than in a Jaguar XJ or a Porsche Panamera. You will look like the proverbial boss, exuding class and success as you go, just get ready for those envious look from other car drivers!

The risk

With great power comes great responsibility – the responsibility to look after your vehicle and keep it away from those looking to steal it from you. The risk of theft is inevitably higher with luxury cars and while these cars have advanced locking and security features in place, you should still put your car in the garage of an evening, as cleverer thieves are constantly looking at new ways to hack into car security systems. These are some of the models currently at risk, for example. Be warned!

You’ve earned your money so why not spend it on a swish ride?

The cost

We aren’t only talking about the cost of the car itself, as car parts can also be expensive. You might also need a specialist mechanic if your car is kitted out with the latest technologies. Then there’s insurance to consider, as your insurance premium will escalate because of your car’s prestige. New drivers should especially beware because their insurance premiums will also rise because of their lack of driving experience. Of course, you can always compare prices for learner driver insurance and luxury car insurance, and you can shop around for car parts, but you should still expect to pay premium prices for having the privilege of driving around in a premium motor.

Should you buy a luxury car?

Luxury cars are well-built, stylish, have top-notch safety features as standard, and are powerful performers. If you’ve read the above and are still convinced that a luxury vehicle is the thing for you then we say go get that test drive and enjoy choosing and driving the car of your dreams.

Image credit at the very top of the article: Maksim Toome/