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7 ways to customise your car interior

By LLM Reporters  |  May 22, 2020
Luxury and modern brown car interior. Inside car.

Scroll through social media, the Internet or magazines and you’ll be inundated with ideas on how to improve your home with redecoration and renovation concepts changing each month.

But let us not neglect what is most probably the second most expensive thing in your life – your beloved car. Safely taking you from one glorious destination to another, your car speaks volumes about the type of person you are, much like the look of your home interior.

Washing it when you see dirt building up will no longer suffice, it’s about time we took control and gave our prized possessions a proper makeover, and what better way to do it than to make it completely personal to you? Doing any kind of customisation to your car allows you the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through, while also improving your driving experience in general, from little tweaks to bigger changes.

Luxury and modern brown car interior. Inside car.

Considering your personal interests, as well as your needs as a driver can help you decide how best to customise your car. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled seven cool car interior customisation ideas, but before you get all busy buying up all the different options available, be sure to protect your car with insurance too. Check out these reasonable rates for car insurance, and get your trusted vehicle all protected and ready to go.

Upgrade your sound system

If your luxury car doesn’t come with an amazing in-built sound system, then you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and source your very own. Having a decent sound system can make your overall driving experience much more enjoyable; music lovers will agree that this is a worthy investment.

Quality is key here so take your time to seek out the finest offerings that money can buy and whether you’re out for short trip or a long journey, by yourself or have a car full, you’ll be able to access and listen to your favourite tunes with excellent clarity.

Car Audio System, Sound Speakers In The Open Door.

Customise the floor mats

While floor mats may not be the first item you think of when it comes to customising your car interior, having mats with a unique colour and design can really add a touch of character, as opposed to the uninteresting black mats that every other car owner has in place.

There are floor mats of all types, with an array of colours available for you to purchase on the market, made from luxurious leathers and easily to customise too. Fancy having your initials engraved on the mat? An embroidered logo? A leather diamond look? Custom trim too? Whatever you desire we are sure there is something out there for you.

Fitting a steering wheel cover

From crystal-encrusted offerings to distinguished hand-sewn leather looks to carbon fibre creations, adding a classy steering wheel cover to your collection of customised goods in your car is the perfect touch, after all it will be the most touched item.

Whether you’re looking to complement the upholstery or match the dash, there are many ways in which you can bring your personality into the car with a range of prints, materials and colours available, with options to include initials or your name too.

Car interior luxury back seats with multimedia & panoramic roof

Apart from showing off your individuality, the addition of a good quality steering wheel cover also comes with many practical benefits, most importantly offering you a better grip. This extra layer of protection can also help to prevent your steering wheel material from wearing out over time and offer your hands some comfort in hot or cold weather.

Buy a mini fridge

We all love the idea of a mini fridge in hotel rooms, filled with delightful treats to indulge in throughout our stay, so how about fitting one in your car to provide some much-needed victual storage for long journeys?

If you don’t fancy an inbuilt option, portable mini fridges can be easily carried in and out of the vehicle, and with the plethora of options available, you are sure to find an appropriately sized fridge that will not take up much space. Including a mini fridge in your car customisation process can certainly be a fun addition that is sure to impress your passengers and will be an extremely useful item for those who drive for long hours. Gone will be the days of warm drinks and snacks on hot days.

Source custom seat covers

New seat covers are one way to completely change the look of your car’s interior. This isn’t a subtle change to make so ensure that you don’t go overboard with the look. Keep it refined and make sure that it perfectly complements your other upgrades, while also providing some practical solutions to improve your overall driving experience.

Modern car interior.

If you find that your current seat cover is lacking in compatibility with your car seat’s safety features such as Side Impact Airbags, waste no time in sourcing for a new one that fits better with your car. Consider getting a different texture that will up the luxurious feel of your car interior, or a colour combination that makes for a sporty look.

Find stylish yet functional seat pockets

Customised seat pockets are yet another stylish addition that can spice up your car’s interior design. Consider purchasing the Special Outdoor Pocket System (OPS), which is the perfect add-on that allows you to be more organised in your storage of items such as your nifty tools or work materials. OPS accessories are not only extremely functional, but they can be customised to your liking as well.

Make your sun visors fashionable

Another fun way to upgrade your car interior would be to customise the sun visors. There are various online shops that allow you to personalise complementary accessories or skins that will transform your sun visor and give it a brand-new look. Find one to match your car mats for a truly stylish look.