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8 reasons why we love the Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter

By LLM Reporters  |  November 24, 2020

Six months ago, D-Fly Group Ltd, the London-based company aiming to transform the world of personal transport, unveiled to the world what it claims was the “world’s first luxury, high-performance hyperscooter”.

The Dragonfly’s launch back in June was super slick and the tech focused media were full of praise for the hyperscooter, with one respected outlet saying: “The Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter elevates the rider experience with exceptional performance, high-end materials, state-of-the-art technology, and a futuristic design like nothing seen before. The sum of those parts is the most advanced vehicle in the micromobility space.”

With this in mind we thought it was high time that we put the Dragonfly through its paces and boy were we impressed, so much so that we have listed eight reasons why we have fallen in live with this technological wonder.

Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter

1. A strong design pedigree

The Dragonfly hyperscooter is the brainchild of Jeremy ‘Jez’ Williman, founder of D-Fly Group Ltd and the multi-millionaire businessman behind Tensator, the instantly recognisable retractable queue barrier that’s used the world over. The hyperscooter has been designed, tested and engineered by Flex International. The product has been three years in the making and has received millions of pounds of self-funded investment. The results are, inevitably, impressive.

2. A vehicle like no other

The Dragonfly is a first of its kind fusion of design, durability, performance, and safety. You’ll understand at first sight. Its modern design cues evoke the look and feel of a supercar or luxury sedan, as the Dragonfly’s sleek frame is sculpted from light but strong carbon fibre, aerospace grade aluminium, and Paulownia wood reinforced by carbon fibre. Automotive grade LED headlights and turn signals further distinguish the Dragonfly’s extraordinary aesthetics while enhancing rider safety.

Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter

3. In tune with you

The Dragonfly reinvents and reinvigorates the riding experience. Inspired by the control systems in F1 race cars, D-Fly’s patent pending Full-Tilt technology introduces a new way to steer. The three-dimensional tilt and twist controls form a responsive and intuitive connection with the rider’s every move. The Dragonfly’s rotary control throttle allows for easy one hand acceleration and braking, and its dual independent suspension system keeps every ride perfectly smooth. In Dragonfly’s four-wheel model, four-wheel-steering and dual wishbone suspension allow for a tighter turning radius and incredibly precise control.

4. Powerful in more ways than one

This state-of-the-art vehicle offers both speed and stamina. Dragonfly hyperscooter’s powerful dual motors deliver 1,800 watts to each wheel, creating torque you can truly feel at speeds up to 25 mph. That power extends to the Dragonfly’s easily swappable rechargeable battery packs, which provide a range of up to 11 miles with the included standard travel pack. Riders can boost that range to 32 miles with the long-range battery pack accessory (sold separately we must stress).

Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter

5. Best-in-class security

Security is a necessity for any high-end vehicle. Each Dragonfly is unlocked with an individually assigned RFID fob, and it’s impossible to start the vehicle without it. In Vertical Sleep mode, the vehicle’s alarm is automatically engaged – and if tampered with, the Dragonfly will emit a warning signal before sounding a full alarm. If anyone is able to bypass the Dragonfly’s many layers of security, geofencing and GPS tracking will pinpoint the vehicle’s location at all times.

6. Options galore

Well beyond its four dynamic ride modes and range of colourways, the Dragonfly hyperscooter is designed to adapt to your very own style and needs. Dragonfly is available in three-wheel and four-wheel models. For riders seeking a thrilling ride in the lightest and most compact package, the three-wheel model is the perfect choice. For riders looking for a longer deck and precision controls, the four-wheel configuration rises to the occasion with its innovative four-wheel-steering mode. The Dragonfly hyperscooter system even lets you adapt the three-wheel model into a four-wheel model by purchasing its longer deck and rear suspension block accessories.

Dragonfly premium electric hyperscooter

7. Fully loaded

Cutting-edge technology is your co-pilot. The Dragonfly’s 4.5-inch ultra-high-definition 4K display provides instant access to apps, allows you to pair Dragonfly’s high-quality sound system to your phone via Bluetooth, and can display turn-by-turn GPS directions from a paired device. The Dragonfly’s premium technology features elevate its road safety benefits as well. Geofencing limits its top speed according to city specific regulations, and the Dragonfly’s acoustic drive sounds provide awareness to nearby pedestrians and motorists.

8. Premium meets practical

There are no compromises between form and function. A lockable three-gallon storage unit and easy access pockets are integrated into the vehicle’s steering column, providing ample space for your necessities. You’ll never be in danger of catching a flat, as the Dragonfly’s foam-filled, puncture-free tyres are designed for maximum reliability, performance and safety. The Dragonfly will also grow with your needs; with optional accessories such as custom-designed modular luggage, you’ll be able to add pragmatic elements while maintaining the Dragonfly’s premium look and feel.

Smart, stylish, and secure, the Dragonfly hyperscooter starts at under $4000 for the three-wheel (D3) and under $4500 for the four-wheel model (D4).