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Airline Review: Scandinavian Airlines

The Northern Heights

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines remains one of Europe’s lesser well know business options, but what it lacks in repute it makes up for in outstanding executive flight options. We road tested Northern Europe’s most underappreciated business class offering.

At the airport

SAS have high quality lounges in a range of airports across the capital cities of Scandinavian countries. However, as members of Star Alliance, business travellers can access their partner lounges. Business check-in services were broadly excellent and efficient, with business class travellers accessing a swift Fast Track service.

In the cabin

Whilst it’s not exactly IKEA, there’s no mistaking the interior as being from anywhere else apart from Scandinavia. Rich blues, and plenty of beech-style wood finishes give the cabin some real modernist regional flavour. Seats are laid out in pairs, and there’s a general sense of space all around.

Scandinavian Airlines
The leg-room is spacious and plentiful

In the seat

Whilst not the widest seat you’ll ever travel in, the ergonomics in seat design are excellent, and leg-room is spacious and plentiful. Audio-visuals are perfectly decent, with a 10.4 inch personal screen, and a good, if not extensive, range of entertainment. Seats drop back to a very sleepable 170 degrees, and working space feels non-cramped.

In-flight service

Food is an area where SAS excel, and feels fresh and light. A mixed menu is served hot or cold, dependent on choices, and goes well with after-dinner options, including a wonderful cheese board. Cocktails are clean and fresh, wine lists are reasonable, and a good range of post-dinner digestifs are offered by a very attentive and friendly cabin crew.

Scandinavian Airlines
The cabin crew are very attentive and friendly

Hand luggage and refresher packs

Business class passengers have space for two pieces of hand luggage, and the complimentary refresher kit comes with a good selection of sleeping aids, toothpaste and moisturisers.

Overall Rating

The SAS service may not be as well-known as some others, but this relatively low profile masks a very strong business class offering that provides even the most fastidious executive traveller with a friendly and efficient service that isn’t far from other more celebrated airlines’ first class.