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Best in class: The private jets to have on your radar

By LLM Reporters  |  August 17, 2021
private jet

For the privileged class, travelling by private jet has long been a more luxurious way to get from A to B. A chance to avoid the lengthy airport queues and noisy in-flight atmosphere, instead swapping it for a spacious cabin and complete privacy,  as well as allowing you to arrive in style, it’s easy to see why affluent individuals have always preferred to splurge on private travel – despite the elite first class offerings many commercial airlines provide these days, which still can’t quite seem to measure up.

Affordable for the likes of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals alike, over the past eighteen months, the ongoing travel restrictions and the increased desire for social distancing amongst passengers have seen travel by private jet experience a further boost. Not only can commercial jets simply not offer the same magnificence as a light private jet can, but they also can’t provide the same kind of peace of mind.  Private jets allow you to enjoy privacy, security and comfort that we’re all seeking during worrying times like these, putting your mind at rest and keeping your health in check while you fly, with minimal risk of contracting a virus on board.

Today, there are numerous top notch companies that manufacture state of the art light jets. The range of competitors rising to manufacture the best of the best is directly proportional to the ever-increasing demand, and whether you’re looking to hire a private jet or purchase your very own, there is now more choice than ever.

There are numerous models and manufacturers you should have on your radar, but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming – so it’s wise to work with companies that are specialised in aircraft sales, who can guide you through the complex process of finding the perfect aircraft for your needs.

Here, we take a look at four of the best modern models to consider, with something to suit all (expensive) tastes.

The Cirrus G2 Vision

The Cirrus G2 Vision
Image credit: Circus Aircraft

The Cirrus G2 Vision jet was introduced in 2016, with its initial price standing at around $1.96 million and  annual bookings in its infancy totalling around $1.2 billion. Its second generation models offer even more customisation options and greater flight speed and efficiency, making them one of our top choices for anyone who is new to the world of private jets.

The G2 Vision has a seven person capacity including the pilot. Its 5ft x 4ft cabin is spacious enough for an enjoyable and comfortable ride, with seats that can be moved around for customisation in more than 28 different ways according to your needs. Large, spacious windows create a feeling of openness and offer breath-taking views while you fly, which is a definite bonus when coming into land somewhere special.

The mechanical features, too, are compatible with an easy flight for the pilot. The flight deck features operate to maximise protection in the air and for any emergency landing, too – which means you can travel safe in the knowledge that all eventualities are covered.

Dassault Falcon 6X

Dassault Falcon 6X
Image credit: Dassault Falcon

When it comes to light jets with maximum space, the Dassault Falcon 6X is the way to go. It has a long range and wide body that make it a comfortable yet glamorous choice.

It’s clear that its manufacturers kept enjoyment, ease of communication and entertainment in mind while designing the interior, with 30 large windows ensuring a light and bright journey – and passengers can use the interior mood lights to change the atmosphere to their liking depending on the time of day.

Falcon’s twin engine performs effortlessly at a low-speed, flying with ease at 109 knots and landing effortlessly at busy airports. The manufacturers are continuously looking to enhance efficiency and lower emissions, and their dedication to excellence certainly shows in this model.

Bombardier Global 5500

Bombardier Global 5500
Image credit: Bombardier

Flying at a 5,900 nautical mile range that is 700 nautical miles greater than its competition, the bombardier Global 5500 is a light aircraft that means business, and with the widest cabin of any other jet in its class, it offers both superior speed and comfort, all rolled into one. 

The aircraft comes with the most advanced air purity system, eliminating 99.99 percent of all allergens, viruses and pathogens – a feature that would likely be particularly appreciated in the current climate.  And it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to entertainment, too, featuring 4K multimedia, WiFi and various other on-board facilities to help you while away those hours with ease. 

Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream G700
Image credit: Gulfstream

When it comes to passenger comfort, this Gulfstream aircraft simply can’t be beaten. With 13 seats in the front, the entire structure is divided into five different areas for varying purposes – including a bedroom, dining area, entertainment section, and bathroom. 

For long business trips this doesn’t get any better than this. Reclining seats and a comfortable bed is all that’s needed for a long trip, and passengers can connect the entertainment system to their mobile screens and control each feature with just a click of a button. You can also control the lighting and the window tint to make it nighttime in the middle of the day – and with a fully functional kitchen, your chefs can cook up anything you wish for whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.