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Embracing the Luxury Lifestyle : Bentley set to reveal The Bentley Collection at Frankfurt Motor Show

Bentley reveal 7 Collection Range of Luxury Accessories.

Bentley Motors are set to reveal an exclusive new line of luxurious and stylish accessories, The Bentley Collection, which embraces the immaculate attention to detail and craftsmanship in Business, Style, Home, Heritage, Bespoke, Colour and Bentley collections at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Functional yet luxurious, the Business collection features the Continental Leather Bag Range (Male Briefcase, Female Briefcase and Weekend Bags) ensures that wherever you travel that you travel in style. Subtle hints are used throughout the range to indicate it’s origins including stitching to match the Continental GT steering wheel. Designed with the user in mind these accessories are set to be a hit with Bentley business Women and Men alike.

Bentley launch the Bentley Collection to bring the Bentley lifestyle outside of just your motoring choice.
The Bentley Business collection will ensure you travel in style with the Continental Leather Bag Range.

The Style collection is fluent in Bentley’s approach to design and translates it into practical daily items including the much coveted Bentley Handbag collection. The Continental handbag, named after the iconic Bentley GT, is reinvented in a new, smaller size, which is introduced alongside the original Continental and Barnato handbags. With Autumnal colour palettes now available it’s a definite must as those autumn days roll in. The range also features scarfs inspired by the landmarks and design features from the world of Bentley forming an abstract yet sophisticated print.

Bentley bring the style inside with luxurious and beautifully made home accessories with an equestrian cashmere blanket embracing those warm cosy evenings in or for those wrap up outdoor events. Other highlights include a portland leather and chrome edged photo frame and a handmade desk clock crafted by the experts Breitling in Piano Black, both highlighting the intricate craftsmanship we’ve grown to expect with Bentley.

Bentley bring luxury into customer's homes with luxurious home items.
Bentley expand their Collection to include luxurious home accessories.

Bentley host 120 colours in it’s palette and have been the inspiration behind a breathtaking range of clothing, leather goods and accessories.  With attention to detail yet again proving to be on point within the entire range particularly with the matrix grille pattern throughout the clothing.

Heritage is a key theme throughout all that Bentley produce and the Heritage collection celebrates just that. Taking spirit and flair from the Bentley Boys of the 1920s the Racing Green and Dark Sapphire are just two of the luxurious shades used across all of the collection. The Number Nine, famous as an identifier for the supercharged 4.5 Litre ‘Blower’ that Bentley Boy Tim Birkin drove at Le Mans in 1930 is also hinted throughout, a reminder at just how far the brand has come whilst maintaining it’s reputation for elegance.

Bentley's elusive history is hinted at throughout it's Heritage range.
The Heritage range pays homage to the famous Number Nine Tim Birkin Le Mans 1930 4.5 Litre ‘Blower’.

Completing the collection is the Bentley range, inspired by the attraction customers find themselves drawn into with the Bentley brand from it’s history to current day motorsport. 1:43 models are available of the Bentayga alongside it’s launch available in three models – Dark Sapphire (1,000 units), Glacier White (1,000 units) and Bentayga Bronze (250 units). The Bentayga Bronze is a limited edition model to match the Bentayga at Frankfurt IAA whilst a 1:18 model will also be available from November 2015 in Extreme Silver (1,000 units).

All of the Bentley Collection items will be globally available from Bentley dealers from October 1st or alternatively can be bought online at .