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Ferrari Plans For Life After California

Replacement for iconic sports car in the works

The Ferrari California is considered by some to be the most stylish convertible in modern sports cars, but it’s had it’s fair share of critics too, and the marque has listened to these naysayers by planning for life after its iconic and sometimes problematic love-child.

One man’s pleasure is another’s poison, and whilst some felt its soft curves were what made it look so sleek, others bemoaned the lack of sharper lines, preferring a more masculine look.

The Ferrari California is being phased out in favour of a new model

Ferrari has addressed these concerns in its planning department, and is now working on a new model to be launched within the next three years, which it hopes will breathe new life into its fleet.

Details of the new model remain under lock and key, but strong insider rumours indicate a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, greater every day horsepower, plus an additional 100 horsepower, when needed, via an electric motor underneath its hood.

The new model is likely to be lighter , with more carbon fibre than its Californian cousin, although the hard top roof is expected to stay.

It’s in the looks department that most will notice, though, and insiders expect a return to the marque’s famous roots, with a retro feel and sharper corners.

All is not lost for the California, though, and the model is still alive and kicking, recently undergoing a mid-cycle revamp, injecting more power and sharper handling, but any new Ferrari car news is always going to turn petrol heads.