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Find the right yacht for your next sea cruise with Prestige

By LLM Reporters  |  June 20, 2021

After a year of constant travel restrictions putting our luxury getaways on hold, we could all do with a bit of a break – and if you’re looking for the full five-star experience, then you may be wondering just where exactly you can go. With limited nations recently promoted to the UK’s green list, international air travel still seems challenging – but an increasing number of high-net-worth travellers are opting to take to the seas instead on board a luxury yacht for the summer. Not only is there less red tape, but it’s also seen as a safer and more socially distanced way to travel, with a record number of people renting private boats for the ultimate lavish getaway.

With some of Europe’s most sought-after hot spots located only a stone’s throw away from our shores, and many hidden gems dotted along the UK’s own coastlines when travelling further afield isn’t possible, a record number of people have been opting to splurge on an opulent yacht rental for the summer – and as we head towards peak season, the numbers are set to increase.

Nonetheless, luxury yacht travel remains reserved for the select few, which means there is still plenty of choice if you’re a little late to the party. We sat down with the experts at luxury yacht rental company Prestige to find out their top picks for summer 2021 – with a decadent five-star experience guaranteed.

Since 1989, Prestige has been perfecting and reinventing the very best luxury yachts to cater to its high-net-worth customer base. Designed by sailors for those thalassophiles who simply can’t get enough of the open water, its vessels are the jewel of French marine engineering – and are designed not just as yachts, but as second residences on the water. Certain to tick all the right boxes when it comes to delivering that ultimate dream getaway, there are few things not to love about the Prestige experience.

So, if you’re keen to see the best yacht money can get you for the summer then take your pick from the below – the only challenge is going to be deciding which one, because suffice it to say, they’re all pretty special indeed.

The F-Line

The F-Line

The chic and sophisticated Flybridge yacht – otherwise known as the F-Line – is one of Prestige’s finest models, and exemplifies a unique design concept which utilises some of the finest possible materials to create a light, bright and spacious living space.

While there are various F-Line options to choose from, the Prestige 520 is certainly worth considering. Offering multiple zones for the utmost in comfort and relaxation, with a sprawling L-shaped saloon and large windows to offer maximum visibility, it also features a unique 520-foot motor.

The S-Line

The S-Line

The S-Line Sport Yacht is designed to blend the comfort and liveability of a Flybridge with the sleek lines and elevated performance of a coupé – something it has expertly achieved. Once again, there are various models to choose from, offering open or enclosed living spaces depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

On board any of the S-Line models, you’ll truly feel the benefits of the outdoor lifestyle – even when you’re inside. There’s a large, retractable roof over the saloon so that you can take in the night sky over a glass of wine whilst sheltering from the breeze – and with a fully equipped helm station and sun pads for the ultimate enjoyment, this line offers a selection of opulent choices you might just fall in love with.

The new Prestige 420S has got to be our top pick and offers a cosy atmosphere created through various high-quality features.

The X-Line

The X-Line

Perhaps the most luxurious of the bunch, however, is the Prestige X-Line – or, more specifically, the lavish new Prestige X70. Fusing an ultra-innovative layout with bold lines – and of course, the utmost in comfort, life on board this particular model is good.

Its revolutionary architectural design is quite something, blurring the lines between interior and exterior to create a flowing and entirely synergistic living space. If you’re sad to be missing out on missing your private luxury villa this summer, then this is easily the next best thing, offering a similar feel but with the added pleasures of life at sea thrown in on top. From Nice to Monaco, Capri to Cornwall, it’s the perfect choice for a five-star experience this summer.

All imagery used in this article credit: Prestige