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Flag in the Sand: Fulfilling Dreams and Desires

Gumball Rally

Flag in the Sand is a concierge service that prides itself on being a bit different. In fact, around 70% of their requests are those exclusive experiences that their competitors are unable to provide. Access to Red Carpet events, Cup Final tickets, seemingly unattainable restaurant tables – they are all in a day’s work for this company who pride themselves on fulfilling dreams and desires for their members.

We spoke to Flag in the Sand’s client services director, Greg Howell, about what attracts their clientele.

“They choose us because we understand their expectations and consistently over-deliver,” he explains. “Owing to the longevity of the brand and the depth of the company’s ‘Black Book’ we are in the enviable position that we are always in direct contact with the event itself or one step away through a trusted supplier. On top of that the management of the business has been fortunate enough in their early careers to have experienced the vast majority of the exclusive and invitation only events we are able to provide access to as guests ourselves. Now we have become the hosts we can speak with empathy about their wants and concerns as well as from experience about what to expect.”

And what sort of ‘gold dust opportunities’ are they able to deliver when money is no object? Greg gives us some suggestions. “We are able to offer clients a personal training session with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo,” he begins impressively. “He’s actually a pretty genuine guy, sure he takes his appearance seriously but he works very, very hard which is evidenced by his achievements in the game he loves,” adds Greg.

Or for supercar lovers, how about a place on the Gumball Rally? “What started out as what was essentially a banger race for 50 mates across Europe has grown into one of the most aspirational and recognisable brands on the planet spawning video games, apparel, parties to name but a few. At the moment it is booked up until 2022 but we have access to the 2016 race from Dublin to Budapest,” Greg explains. Stuck for a car? “How about a LaFerrari?” Greg suggests, adding “we got one for a client recently.”

“If our members are looking for a way to impress their own clients we could arrange a private concert with tenor Andrea Bocelli in a Roman amphitheatre close to his Tuscan home,” Greg muses. “Afterwards, a Michelin starred chef will cook dinner for the guests,” he adds.

“We’re constantly asked for VIP access to film premieres (they have the Star Wars premiere in LA coming up) and obviously each year the OSCARS is big business for us. It’s the height of glitz and glamour even the A List struggle to get in. With Flag in the Sand, whether you can get in or not is not the difficult question it is whether you want to go to Elton John’s after party, Vanity Fair or Madonna’s,” Gregg tells us.

And it’s not always luxury that Flag in the Sand’s clients seek. They have recently added an Arctic Adventure to their repertoire. Greg explains: “Trips to the North pole are ten a penny now. The world’s most vicious wasteland is the Antarctic. It’s challenging to reach, completely unforgiving when you are on the ground and this makes visiting it prohibitively expensive. But if you’re crazy enough we can make it happen.”

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