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H.R. Owen Ferrari Atelier solve showroom puzzle involving a Ferrari 488 GTB and a 2015 SF15-T Ferrari F1 car

F1 meets London Showroom battle with H.R. Owen Atelier.
Ever wondered how it would be possible to get an F1 car into a showroom with no door? No, this isn’t some sort of riddle – this is the latest puzzle that H.R Owen Ferrari encountered and conquered overnight in London earlier this week.
Bringing a touch of glamour to London wasn’t easy with over night traffic temporarily stopped and a historic building meticulously and carefully dismantled (again temporarily) to create an eye-grabbing display in the H.R. Owen Ferrari Atelier located in the Berkley Hotel in Knightsbridge. Carefully extracting a Ferrari 488 GTB and replacing it with a Ferrari F1 Car (worth nearly £250,000) the orchestration and management was crucial in creating the display.
The process took hours, taking place from midnight to 2am with such a slick process the workers didn’t end up having to close the road, with the lorry and cars only having to pause the late-night traffic for just a few moments. Impressive work by the H.R. Owen team for sure. Costing around £8,000 to complete the move (including the removal and refitting of three window panes), the final result we’re sure H.R. Owen will agree was worth every penny.
“Getting a car into the H.R. Owen Ferrari Atelier is highly complex, and the fact that we were dealing with a very valuable F1 car made it an even more delicate process this time around. It is really special to have a rare car so soon after the end of the season in which it competed, and it is great to be able to share with the public, ” said James Champion, H.R. Owen’s Ferrari brand director. He continued “In some showrooms you can simply open a door and drive a car in but the Atelier is unique in that it takes a little more effort. We try to keep any disruption to a minimum by doing it all at night, and by getting the cars swapped as quickly as possible. We hope people enjoy the result.”
H.R Owen were awarded the 2015 SF15-T Ferrari F1 car as a reward for being named the Ferrari Dealer of the Year – the car is made from genuine Ferrari parts and is only missing an engine, a rarity for most showers. The model will be used by H.R. Owen for static displays around the UK over the next few months.