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How choosing the right private jet can define your next flight

By LLM Reporters  |  August 26, 2020
private jet

Being able to choose the aircraft that will take you to your next destination is what private aviation is all about. From small turboprops to large transatlantic jets, the range of possibilities is endless, although choosing the right one might make or break your private jet experience. There is a right private aeroplane for every route, therefore the role a private charter company plays in pairing your flight with the right aeroplane is one of the pillars for success of the entire industry.

Here, leading private jet company BitLux shares their top aircraft for each type of aeroplane.


Contrary to what many believe, turboprops are aircraft powered by jet engines, using a propeller to spin engine turbines. Turboprops are wonderful choices for regional travel (up to four non-stop hours). These aircraft are often used to charter services between small islands, regional cities, or multiple-stop tours with the typical length of flights being within a radius of 1,600 miles.

Top aircraft are the King Air 350 and Pliatus PC-12.

Light jets

Light jets are the typical go-to option for many regional business professionals, as well as most leisure travellers. With standard light jets having seating for seven, these jets have a range of close to three hours, or 1,500 miles. Some of the most popular routes for light private jet charters are New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to West Palm Beach (Palm Beach, KPBI) and Las Vegas (Las Vegas, KLAS) to Los Angeles (Van Nuys, KVNY).

Top aircraft are the Citation CJ3 and Hawker 400XP.

private business jet parked at the airport with copyspace
More first-time flyers are embarking on private jets as they’re promoted as the safer way to travel during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Mid-size jets

Mid-size jets are one of the staples for many high-efficiency business travellers. With stand-up height cabins, enclosed restroom facilities, seating from seven to nine individuals, and increased ranges, mid-size jets are a wonderful option for longer, continental chartering.

While mid-size jets compromise some of the lower cost for levels of comfort, this is a compromise that is well worth it. Typical ranges for mid-size jets are around 2,500 miles, or five hours of flying time. Some of the most common routes include New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to Las Vegas (Las Vegas, KLAS) or Toronto, Canada (CYYZ) to Fort Lauderdale (Executive, KFXE).

Top aircraft are the Citation Excel and Falcon 20.

Super mid-size jets

Super mid-size jets offer capacities of up to ten passengers, far larger cabin space compared to standard mid-size jets, six-foot ceilings, and incredible increases in range. This level of executive jet for charter has a range of over 3,000 miles, and flight time ranges from six to seven hours.

This level of jet is a must-have for coast to coast travel, as well as transcontinental charters. Some of the more popular routes for these jets include New York (Farmingdale, KFRG) to Los Angeles (Burbank, KBUR) or Seattle (Seattle, KSEA) to Boca Raton (Florida, KBCT).

Top aircraft are the Gulfstream G280 and Challenger 350.

The global business jet market size was valued at USD 23.57 billion in 2019

Heavy jets

With maximum capacities of 18 passengers and ranges of seven to ten hours, heavy jets are the ideal private jet to charger for light transatlantic and transcontinental flights. Higher cabin ceilings of over six feet provide comfortable, free movement around the cabin. Many heavy jets have two sections, providing passengers the option to rest, or to separate the cabin for enhanced privacy when needed.

With flight ranges of over 3,000 miles, heavy jets can handle just about anything. Heavy private jets are almost constantly in high demand, and as such they are one of the highest output categories. They are one of the most perfect private jets to charter for longer flights. Some of the most commonly-travelled routes for heavy jets include New York (White Plains, KHPN) to the Bay Area (Oakland, KOAK), New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to London (Luton, EGGW), or Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, KPBI) to London (Biggin Hill, EGGB).

Top aircraft are the Gulfstream GIVSP and Legacy 600.

BitLux has recently become the first private jet charter service to accept payments for flights with cryptocurrencies, and currently accepts Bitcoin

Long range jets

Also called ultra long-range, this class of private jet is the ideal option for those looking to travel extensively long distances on their private flight. This class comprises some of the most spacious, luxurious and well-designed interiors, and is a sure crowd-pleaser.

The ultra long-range jets hold up to 18 passengers, offering an incredible overall experience, with a range of over 5,500 miles on most aircraft, or 12 to potentially 14 hours of flying time from runway to runway. Some of the most popular routes for ultra long-range jets are Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, KPBI) to Moscow (Vnukovo, UUWW), New York (KTEB) to Buenos Aires (SABE, EZE), or Los Angeles (Los Angeles, KLAX) to Hong Kong (Hong Kong, VHHH, HKG).

Top aircraft are thw Global Express and Boeing Business Jet.

BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but executive travel is one that is closest to their heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.