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How design technology is evolving the luxury yacht experience

We sit down with Immersive – the multidisciplinary creative studio – and discuss their journey so far.

By LLM Reporters  |  October 18, 2021
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Immersive is a multidisciplinary creative studio and immersive design specialist who has been working at the forefront of innovative experiential design for almost two decades. Having designed some of the world’s most impactful and mesmerising multi-dimensional live experiences in public, private and commercial spaces, they have established a reputation for developing the use of new technologies to expand the art of immersive storytelling.

Working collaboratively with some of the best global talent in conceptual design, visual art, animation, creative technology, and innovative spatial storytelling, they are changing the way stories are told and experienced.

We sat down with Tommy Lexen, managing director of Immersive, to find out more.

Tommy Lexen is the managing director of Immersive

What do you do and who do you do it for? 

Immersive is a team of immersive design specialists, creative technologists and digital art producers, focusing on innovation-driven visual art and spatial storytelling for the most non-traditional and highly complex spaces in the world – whether on land, sea or air. As a company, we’re something between an architectural studio and a creative animation studio with the innovation-focus of a tech start-up.

We always try to do things that haven’t been done before, and we push ourselves to stay at the forefront of artistic and technical innovation. Our commissions include ultra-bespoke artworks and luxurious experiences for private superyachts and residences. We have also worked on large-scale projects for Expo 2020 Dubai, World Expo 2015 Milan, FIFA World Cup 2014, London 2012 Olympic Games, and immersive experiences for Comcast, BMW, IWC Schaffhausen, and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

Incredible immersive experience
Immersive develop bespoke immersive designs by integrating creative and technical concepts that result in one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients. Image credit: Credit Expo 2020 Dubai

How did Immersive come into the luxury market? 

In recent years private clients have been commissioning Immersive to apply our unique skill set and creativity to a series of bespoke luxury projects designed to transform intimate spaces into seamless interactive worlds.

What kind of work are you currently doing in the luxury market? How does it differ from what was offered when you first entered the space? 

Primarily working on superyacht environments. Immersive’s capabilities can specifically impact interior design, hospitality, entertainment, and art exhibitions and displays. You’re no longer decorating; you are turning your space into a highly customisable immersive world that forms part of the yacht. 

What is your client base in the luxury market? How do you see it expanding? Any untapped potential? 

Our clients range from global luxury brands to UHNWI individuals. We are starting to see a shift in commissions towards more innovation-driven investments across our industry. We believe the demand for exclusive, hyper-customised immersive experiences is going to grow stronger. 

Unique experiences
Clients and partners include the London 2012 Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup 2014, World Expo 2015 Milan, Expo 2020 Dubai, Fosters + Partners. Image credit: Credit Expo 2020 Dubai

What do you see as the potential for Immersive design in the luxury market? 

Immersive’s technological capabilities are suited to the intimacy of the luxury market and the bespoke taste of the clients. 

Digital Art and displays no longer have to be presented on traditional surfaces (rectangular or square shaped) – as we can create an experience on any shape/surface within a yacht. 

Art can be experienced rather than observed: Design can be interactive as well as functional. 

Our creations use the latest innovations and are designed to evolve – responding in real time to outside inputs – owners never need to tire of the work no matter how much time is spent within that space. 

For example, using AI to augment content and create video content that can last more than a year without repeating, and creating virtual landscapes that interact with real-world environments (meaning they change to reflect weather, time of day, and the seasons) 

The Mobility Pavilion interior exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai
Immersive designs within private spaces will take over the market by fulfilling these needs in unique ways that are at the cutting-edge of innovative design. Image credit: Credit Expo 2020 Dubai

What does the future of luxury look like in 5-10 years? 

The luxury market is striving to offer its clients ever-higher levels of exclusivity and customisation. Traditional methods of displaying artworks or screening narrative-driven content are becoming redundant – people increasingly seek intimate, multidimensional environments that uniquely respond to them and transport them beyond every day, in real-time. We think that immersive designs within private spaces will take over the market by fulfilling these needs in unique ways that are at the cutting-edge of innovative design.