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How has Mercedes Benz come so far over the years?

We take a look at the history of Mercedes Benz and consider what makes it such a successful car brand.

By LLM Reporters  |  May 3, 2022
mercedes benz
Image Credit: Ivan Kurmyshov/

With Mercedes Benz releasing 32 new models by 2022 in a massive vehicle rollout, you might be asking yourself, how did they get to this point? It takes a lot for a car manufacturer to release such an extensive range of successor models, and to understand how Mercedes Benz are capable of this, we’re going to go right back to the beginning.

A successful history

In 1886, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen was invented; the world’s first gasoline vehicle. By 1901, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft created the first Mercedes vehicle, and by 1926, the Mercedes Benz nameplate was in circulation. Mercedes Benz have long been revolutionary as a car manufacturer – they developed the first diesel passenger car in 1936, alongside the worldwide Antilock Braking System in 1978, transforming automotive safety.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz have long been revolutionary as a car manufacturer. Image credit: LiviuPaz/

Mercedes Benz’ impressive inventions have only continued, with PRE SAFE in 2002 to prepare drivers for a collision before it occurs, and Car-to-X Communication in 2016, where vehicles can communicate with one another and nearby road signs.

Back to 2022, Mercedes Benz have continued their renowned innovative streak with a number of electric and electrified vehicle models that now exceeds their conventional diesel and petrol motors. From commercial vans and four-wheel drives to sleek city cars, Mercedes Benz has it all.

A loyal following

So, we know Mercedes Benz has the brains and the technology to innovate new vehicles like no other and this explains a lot about how the famed car brand has come so far over the years. However, brains and technology aren’t enough to sustain a car manufacturing brand in the long-term. Mercedes Benz must also have a loyal customer base, willing to pay the money to access Mercedes’ revolutionary tech.

Mercedes Benz classic car
Customers absolutely adore Mercedes Benz as a brand. Image credit: Maxoidos/

Fortunately, customers absolutely adore Mercedes Benz as a brand and customers’ funding and support allows Mercedes Benz to continually release better vehicles, year after year. Overall, customers are drawn to this brand for many reasons, but most of all are the elegant designs, luxurious interiors and, of course, brand-new technologies.

Interestingly enough, although not surprising, Mercedes Benz has a premium reputation, and many people who own these vehicles, more often than not, earn a high income. This has made Mercedes a brand for the people who have ‘made it’ in life, so to speak. Owning a Mercedes Benz has become an appealing status symbol, another valid explanation for how Mercedes Benz has come so far since the 19th century.

Mercedes Benz vehicles are made for everybody

Even children can enjoy the brilliance of a Mercedes Benz car. Quality Mercedes ride on cars exist for kids, courtesy of the wonderful RiiRoo. Many parents will know that children always want to be involved in whatever the grown-ups are doing. This includes driving – although, for children, that might be relegated to simply zooming around the neighbourhood where you live, but at least now you and your little one can match cars and all can enjoy the Mercedes Benz brand.