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How to take care of your luxury car

Congratulations – you went and bought the car of your dreams and you couldn’t be happier. It’s parked in front of the house and you keep gazing at it through the window. You can’t help yourself, this car is actually yours!

However, as a few months have passed since you purchased your dream car, it’s beginning to look a bit grubby. There’s a muddy build up around the edges and crumbs on the seat from where you’ve scoffed your breakfast on the way to work. A luxury car requires upkeep and maintenance, more so than any other car. An example of this could be the type of cleaning product you buy to clean the inside of your car, as cleaning leather is different from polyester.

If your luxury car has passed its third birthday, it will require an annual MOT inspection

We’ve put together a short guide on how to properly take care of your luxury car.

Maintenance and servicing

As with all cars, you will need to make sure it’s maintained and serviced. Given the luxury quality of your car, you will want to get it looked at by a professional earlier than when needed. The owner’s manual that comes with the car should be read carefully as it will tell you the correct maintenance schedule needed for your car. There are a handful of maintenance procedures that you should be keeping on top of, including car fluids, oil, replacing engine filters and tyre pressure.

As with all cars, you will need to make sure it’s maintained and serviced

If your luxury car has passed its third birthday, it will require an annual MOT inspection. Halfords Autocentre is offering you the chance to get a free MOT. All they ask is that you purchase an item in store, fill out your details and they’ll email over your MOT voucher code to use online when booking your test.

On the roads

You need to take extra care while on the roads as accidents can often occur. Even if you’re being careful, you must keep your eyes on the roads and be cautious at all times. Avoiding distractions means you’re avoiding potential accidents and nothing will ruin your beloved luxury car more than an accident. Don’t engage in aggressive driving habit such as harsh braking or driving too fast over speed bumps – it can lead to costly repairs.

Keep your car clean and tidy to ensure it looks its very best

Keep it clean

Remember when your car was brand new and shiny? Well, you can keep it looking like that all the time with regular washes, either by yourself or a professional. Pay attention to the material you’re cleaning and purchase products that are specialised car cleaning products to help maintain the overall look. The colour job on your car must be managed, which means you need to make the effort to wash the vehicle weekly to eliminate dirt.

Buying a luxury car is a significant investment of the money you’ve worked hard to earn, so it’s imperative you take good care of it. Practising good car maintenance is important regardless of the price of the vehicle, but it’s good to be extra careful on a luxury car to maintain its look and performance.