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IAA embraces Electric Energy

Porsche embraces luxury e-technology.

Electric powered motors are fast increasing in popularity with more luxury models making their way to the market. Recently revealed at the Frankfurt International Motor Show Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Nissan have all brought their latest model launches to the forefront of their display embracing e-technology.

Mercedes brought to the table the IAA, which although revealed at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung actually stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, a petrol-electric hybrid that produces an impressive 275 horsepower, and that’s not the best part. The Mercedes IAA transforms it’s shape and size whilst in motion, yes seriously. At the touch of a button or automatically upon reaching a speed of 80 km/h, it transforms. Eight segments extend at the rear increasing it’s length by up to 390mm, front flaps in the front bumper extend by 25mm at the front and 20mm to the area whilst the Active Rims alter their cupping from 55mm to zero and finally the louvre in the front bumper moves 60mm to the rear. All of the transformations culminate to improve it’s aerodynamics to transform this hybrid four-door coupé into an aerodynamic genius.

Mercedes-Benz launch their petrol-electric hybrid the IAA at Frankfurt Motor Show.
At the IAA 2015 Mercedes-Benz introduced their own IAA, the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, a petrol-electric hybrid.

Not ones to miss out, Porsche took the opportunity at the IAA to introduce their Mission E Concept Car proving that sporting performance combined with maximum efficiency (the traditional Porsche values) can be fulfilled in their first all-electrically powered four seat Porsche.  The 911 resemblance can be seen through out the four-door car  design whilst it embodies a total power of over 600hp, with 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 3.5 seconds! This combined with the need-based all-wheel drive system with Porsche Torque Vectoring transfer the drive system over to the road provides the all-wheel steering with precise sporting steering and makes the Mission E fit for the circuit race track as well as the road.

Mission E Concept Porsche is launched at the 2015 IAA.
The Porsche Mission E Concept Car is Porsche’s first all-electrically powered four seat Porsche.

Audi made sure they made their impression on the electric market with the introduction of the e-tron quattro SUV concept, stating Audi’s views on the future of electric mobility with models responsive, efficient and suitable for everyday use.  Combining luxury class with e-technology it is set to provide driving pleasure alongside substantial range, impressive design and excellent comfort. Using three electric motors, one acts on the front axle and two for the rear, the total output is 320 KW with over 800nm of torque resulting in a 4.6 second time from 0-62mph with a top speed of 130mph. Add in the car’s drag coefficient measure of just 0.25 – a new best for the SUV segment and a name of the e-tron it certainly sounds like a model not to miss for the SUV consumer.

Making waves at IAA, Audi revealed their new SUV model the e-tron quattro.
Combining luxury class with e-technology Audi reveal their E-tron Quattro SUV.

Finally, one of the car manufacturers leading the way for E-technology are Nissan and cementing their place in the electric market at the IAA they revealed their latest concept car, the Nissan Gripz Concept.  Blending the practicality of a compact crossover with the excitement and performance of a sports car they have infused an exciting and adventurous feel to their EV technology based Series hybrid system ‘Pure Drive e-Power’. The powertrain combines it’s previous control technologies learnt from years of EV development to deliver a smooth linear acceleration with supreme efficiency and near silence.

Nissan introduced the Nissan Gripz at the IAA 2015.
Introducing Nissan Gripz Concept. Blending the practicality of a compact crossover with Sports car performance.

More information on all of the brands and models mentioned can be found on their respective websites and also via the Frankfurt International Show website.