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Is there such a thing as safely parking your porsche?

By LLM Reporters on 11th June 2018

You’ve done it. You’ve finally gone and invested in the vehicle of your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Porsche or a Lamborghini, with this luxury car in your life, you’ll never need to worry about your four wheels again. Well, not about replacing them, anyway. What you will have to worry about is keeping this baby safe. Because, if there’s one thing wrong with luxury cars, it’s the fact that everyone wants them. You’ll suddenly feel as though every pedestrian is a thief, and every driver is out to get you and your precious transport.

This is especially prevalent when it comes to parking. After all, you can’t sit up and stare at your car 24/7, as much as you’d like to. Instead, there’ll come a time when you need to close the curtains and get on with your evening. And, that poses a fair few risks.

It should go without saying that you’re asking for trouble if you park in dark corners, so avoid at all costs and park where there is light

In truth, it doesn’t matter where you park. Your garage is your best bet, but even that isn’t a foolproof fortress for your Ferrari. Yet, your drive leaves your car out in the open. And, God forbid you have on-street parking. The headaches could be endless.

So, all options have risks, but how can you make sure your pride and joy remains pristine in each? Read on to find out.

Let your insurer know where you’re parking

Perhaps the most crucial thing is to get insurance from companies like Diamond car insurance. While a security breach is the last thing you want, you should at least put protection in place for if something does happen. And, once you’ve got that insurance policy, it’s ESSENTIAL you tell the company where you park. Bear in mind that this can change your monthly costs a fair amount. Parking on a public road, for instance, will see your claim skyrocket to the moon and back. But, if you don’t inform your insurer of this, they’ll refuse to pay out. If that happens, you can bet the increased monthly cost will start looking attractive pretty sharpish.

Try to put every measure in place to ensure your luxury motor is as safe as possible

Let there be light

It should go without saying that you’re asking for trouble if you park in dark corners. Here, no one has any chance of spotting a theft. Let’s be honest; a luxury car down a dark alley is any thief’s idea of a jackpot. Instead, make sure to park next to street lamps if you’re parking on the road. If you have a drive or garage, install motion sensor lights. These will alert you and any passers-by if people are lurking where they shouldn’t be.

Install in-vehicle cameras

Few things scare thieves away faster than CCTV cameras. Lucky for you, these come in convenient car form for your safety needs. Installing these visibly into your vehicle can have enormous impact alone. By hooking these up to your phone and storing the footage, they could also help you gain reimbursement down the line. If you’re lucky, you could even get thieves off the street with these in place!