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Join the sky high club and enjoy a private flight with Wingly

Words by Sara Darling

Have you ever thought about what Brighton looks like from above, or visited a toy town?

The British Airways i360 might give you a great view of the windmills 13kms from the shore (on a clear day), but the best way to take in the south coast’s views is from above in a small plane for an unforgettable experience.

It might sound a bit James Bond (it is), as you get to Shoreham airport, and meet your personal pilot, but getting briefed and strapped in to a teeny tiny plane, it becomes very real.

My private pilot, Kit can take between 1-3 passengers in his light aircraft, and heading through the skies above Brighton is something he never tires of doing- especially when his passengers are in awe of the panoramic views.

Wingly’s pilots fly from a selection of UK destinations

I travel a lot, and the experience of revving up the runway for take off with the noise of the accelerating blades in such close proximity will make flying in a commercial plane seem like child’s play! And with a dashboard full of knobs, buttons and moving numbers, my respect for pilots has risen even further.

Actually, all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery of the south coast, but of course I had questions! I was impressed by the amount of swimming pools in the area, and how tropical the sea looked. I even spotted miniature surfers, and can now see how taking aerial pictures can become addictive!

In fact, I can see how flying can easily become a hobby. A quick jaunt on a sunny Sunday totally gives you a different perspective on life, and certainly clears the cobwebs.

Aerial sightseeing tours offer a unique and fun experience

Wingly is a great concept if you just want to get out and up, up and away. It’s especially useful for anyone with a fear of heights or small spaces- you can’t do much when you’re up in the big blue sky, apart from appreciate the scenery. It’s also pretty romantic…or the perfect gift idea for dad.

Check in to the Wingly website to see if there are any pilots taking off when you would like to, and book your uber ride to the skies! Flying to Paris for lunch is an option, now I just have to convince someone to go with me!

With over 4,000 flights on offer, find a perfect sightseeing, day trip or one-way flight with pilots near you.

Contact Wingly at for more information.