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Luxury meets utility: What to look for in an SUV

By LLM Reporters  |  December 16, 2019

Those who require the luxury lifestyle know that it’s not just about the bells and whistles. Dependability and quality far outweigh flashy marketing and a sophisticated exterior when it comes to choosing certain products like a vehicle, as it is when it comes to choosing foods, furniture, cosmetics or holiday destinations too.

For many, the sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a motor that combines opulence and a sense of visual and tactile luxury with rugged functionality on and off the road. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things that the discerning consumer should look for when it comes to buying or leasing an SUV because when you know what to look for, you will have a vehicle that lends you the ultimate balance of luxury and utility.

Interior space

No matter how opulent the leather seats or how sophisticated the on-board infotainment system may be, it’s hard to feel like you’re in a prestigious vehicle if your knees are next to your ears and your elbows knock the driver’s side door when you steer. A roomy interior serves to accentuate the beauty of the design elements while also giving you a feeling of space and mastery of your vehicle. A large SUV doesn’t guarantee a roomy interior just as even some of the more compact SUVs on the market make great use of the space available to them in their interiors. 

Sales of the SUV have steadily increased for years

Agility and control

Though the allure of power is a key factor in choosing an SUV, be wary of power that comes at the expense of control or agility. You will want performance on long stretches of open road but at the same time, this is a vehicle that will need to hug tight bends and reverse into parking spaces. The Audi Q range is a good example of this, providing a great balance of power and agility with control. 

Assistive technology

Luxury isn’t just about looking great on the inside and the outside, it’s also about making driving easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, an SUV should have a range of assistive technologies including lane assist, forward collision warning, parking assist, blind spot warning and automatic emergency braking.

Though the allure of power is a key factor in choosing an SUV, be wary of power that comes at the expense of control or agility


We live in the smartphone age, so it goes without saying that your new SUV should offer quick and easy smartphone connectivity allowing you to make use of your phone’s practical and entertainment functions with complete safety while you drive. 


While we shouldn’t make choices based solely on a vehicle’s aesthetic, we’re kidding ourselves if we fail to mention the importance of a vehicle that looks good and makes us look good while driving it. You want an aesthetic that has the bulk to imply power and dependability as well as sleek, subtle curves to give the vehicle a sense of elegance and finesse.

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