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Rare Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper available at Rolls Royce London

Perfection in every aspect, Rolls Royce expand luxury lifestyle range with limited edition Cocktail Hamper.

Exclusive in the truest sense of the word, only 15 of the Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hampers have been crafted; designed as an exquisite fusion of the finest materials that inspire reverence, excitement and social delight in equal measure.

Inspired by the launch of Dawn, the world’s most luxurious convertible, Rolls-Royce has created its most social accessory, to meet the needs of customers who wish to relax and enjoy something beyond the traditional glass of champagne.  The Cocktail Hamper builds on the unique and impeccable craftsmanship of the existing Rolls-Royce Picnic Hamper. Within, you are presented with every necessary accoutrement required to create and enjoy the perfect cocktail. Each implement combining beautiful aesthetics with practicality, ensuring effortless use.

Upon opening the leather-bound lid the hamper is illuminated to highlight the exquisite items stored inside to combine together to offer you the most complete cocktail-making ensemble.  To guarantee a perfect service, a glass tray is safely housed beneath the integrated chopping board whilst the upper tier contains contains the tumblers, decanters and shaker. Within the lid the smaller essentials are perfectly placed, these include a muddler nished in American Walnut and a strainer engraved with the ‘RR’ monogram.

Rolls Royce combine forces with Theresienthal, 45 Park Lane and The Dorchester to make a premium cocktail hamper.
Beautiful Theresienthal commissioned glasses feature the distinct platinum halo housing The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane Cocktail recipes to make an exquisite and luxurious cocktail experience wherever you are.

The glass quality enhances the enjoyment with each sip thanks to the glassware being commissioned to the world’s most renowned glassmaker and supplier of many of the continent’s Royal Courts, Theresienthal. Since 1836, the craftspeople at Theresienthal have nurtured their unique dedication to a time-honoured technique that sees the glass blown into beech wood moulds, guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth finish.The intricacies of the human-hand at every stage of the production process ensures the utmost quality and care is provided for each glass.

All four glasses and decanters feature a distinct platinum halo, which identifies the glasses as a one off, Rolls-Royce design. Each and every detail of the Cocktail Hamper has been meticulously designed to ensure it is a true, Rolls-Royce, limited edition masterpiece.

Accompanying each one of the 15 hampers is the specially commissioned Rolls-Royce Cocktail Collection.The collection consists of 15 beautifully crafted cocktail recipes to ensure owners derive the maximum enjoyment from their investment.The recipes include timeless classics, modern twists and some cocktails which have been commissioned exclusively for the Cocktail Hamper by The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane.

Included in the Cocktail Hamper :

• The Rolls-Royce cocktail collection
• 4 Handmade decanters
• 4 Handmade tumblers
• Cocktail shaker
• Ice bucket
• Ice tongs
• Bottle opener
• Knife
• 2 Sharing plates
• Napkins
• 6 Cocktail sticks
• 4 Straws
• Stirring spoon
• Jigger
• Muddler
• Atomiser
• Food container
• Strainer
• Glass serving tray
• Chopping board

This truly indulgent and luxurious Cocktail Hamper is now available from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London (020 3699 6610) priced at £26,000 plus VAT.