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Regent Street Motor Show set to return in 2015

Free to all with a passion for Luxury Motoring is the Regent Street Motor Show 2015.

Open your diaries, get a pen ready and turn to 31st October… No, not for Halloween. Instead mark down that The Regent Street Motor Show is set to return, the largest free-to-view motor show in the UK, showcasing 125 years of motoring history.

Regent Street will be closed for through traffic from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly Circus ensuring that the event will be safe for all, with the 2015 event designed to be a family-friendly affair. The perfect opportunity to introduce the young petrol heads-to-be to some of the most luxurious and exquisite motors in motoring history. From pre-1905 veteran cars to modern day the prestigious EFG International Concours d’Elegance is set to impress all motoring fanatics.

Luxury Motoring throughout the ages available to view for free at the Regent Street Motor Show.
A mix of the old and new of luxury motoring will be available for all to see in the free-to-view Regent Street Motor Show.

“The huge variety of exhibits ranging from the horseless carriages from the dawn of motoring to the cars of today and tomorrow really captures the imagination of visitors whether they have come specifically to see the show or simply catch it while out shopping. And best of all, it’s totally free!” – Peter Foubister, Motoring Secretary of the Royal Automobile Club.

The Show takes place from 10:30 until 16:00 on Saturday 31 October with all the latest news available via Facebook ,  Twitter or via the official website .