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professional chauffeur

Style, sophistication and the utmost in convenience: All the reasons it might be time to hire yourself a professional chauffeur

By LLM Reporters on 28th February 2021

Tired of dealing with the stress of delayed taxis? An increasing number of high-net-worth individuals are, and now, more than ever, many are turning to private chauffeurs and luxury vehicles to get them to that next important appointment on time.

At a time when image is important and when our fast-paced, always-on lifestyle demands more of us than ever, keeping up with busy schedules whilst remaining calm and unflustered can prove quite the task – so it’s little wonder that, for those for whom money is no object, the idea of allowing someone else to bear the load on their behalf is becoming ever more appealing.

Fidel Matola, president and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International Ltd – a licensed and insured high-end security firm headquartered in London, which also provides extensive and professional chauffeur driving services, has reported a dramatic increase in custom in recent years, with more of the capital’s elite opting for private and personalised driving services now than ever before.

professional chauffeur
Spetsnaz Security International Ltd provide extensive and professional chauffeur driving services

Established in December 2016 and now with over 300 highly trained and knowledgeable employees, the luxury security company has seen a particular spike in the number of those looking to combine chauffeur services with security, with a number of high-profile attacks and scams against the rich and famous in recent years making it ever more important to ensure that someone perpetually has your back.

From arriving at the airport in style to enjoying a relaxed and time-efficient journey to wherever you need to go, there are a multitude of reasons to hire your own personal chauffeur, and plenty of benefits, too. We asked Matola and his team of experts at Spetsnaz Security International to share some of the biggest reasons the industry is experiencing a boom – and here at LLM, we have to say, we’re now pretty sold on hiring a chauffeur of our own.


There’s nothing quite like arriving to that latest red carpet event in your own private car, and hiring a chauffeur often means that you’ll also get your pick of top of the range luxury vehicles to take you where you need to go. Rolling up in style and having a personal driver on hand to open the door for you is certain to command instant respect, immediately cementing your status as one of the most important guests in attendance. Somewhat better than arriving late in a taxi and missing your big entrance, which might, understandably, be your worst nightmare.

professional chauffeur
Unlike when travelling by taxi, with a private chauffeur, you can really get to know your driver and will feel safe and secure at all times


For high-net-worth individuals, it has never been more important to invest in an extra layer of protection, and you might be surprised to learn that your chauffeur can offer you much more than just a driving service. In fact, some specialist companies, such as Spetsnaz Security International, offer personal bodyguard services as an extra, solving two problems in one and offering you the utmost in peace of mind.

Unlike when travelling by taxi, with a private chauffeur, you can really get to know your driver and will feel safe and secure at all times – and best of all, the bodyguard service can be as discreet as you like.


Let’s be honest; you’re a busy individual with little time to waste on waiting for taxis, and certainly can’t afford to be late to that next big business meeting or to catch your upcoming first-class flight – and having your own private chauffeur on hand to ensure that you always arrive where you need to be in a timely (and stylish) manner will save you endless amounts of stress and worry.

professional chauffeur
There’s nothing quite like arriving to that latest red carpet event in your own private car

Personal drivers at Spetsnaz are on hand 24/7, are accustomed to adhering to tight schedules and will always prioritise your appointments. And being chauffeur-driven to each destination will help you to make the most out of the transit time too, giving you the chance to make those all important calls, send last minute emails and finish off any pressing paperwork on the way.


Money may well be no object when it comes to living a more convenient and stress free life, but regardless of your impressive monthly income or ever-expanding investment portfolio, a little cost efficiency is not to be sniffed at. A security chauffeur service comes with guaranteed and fixed rates which are fully communicated in advance – which means no more paying over the odds for a taxi, no hourly minimums and no hidden costs. Wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do, your driver will have you covered, leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey in a top of the range vehicle that anyone would be thrilled to be seen emerging from.

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd are a fully licensed and insured high-end security firm headquartered in London

Impeccable service

If you’re tired of grumpy or unhelpful taxi or Uber drivers and long waits for your ride to arrive, then rest assured that with a private chauffeur service, it’s something you’ll never have to deal with again. Matola says that when it comes to taking care of the company’s customers, the highest possible level of service is guaranteed. All drivers are experienced and professional security chauffeurs, and customers can choose the driver and car they would like, with each chauffeur equipped with all the local knowledge required to get you to your destination via the fastest and most time-efficient route.

Even better, they will ensure that you feel like royalty every step of the way, from meeting you at the airport to opening the door for you on entry and exit to the car and providing you with all of the refreshments and reading material you’ll need to make for a comfortable and relaxing journey.