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The most beautiful private jet interiors

Although flying by private jet has, in recent years, become more accessible, it is hardly becoming mainstream, au contraire. This mode of transport still requires the passenger to be in possession of more than a couple of shekels if they are to be welcomed aboard. It will come as no surprise that standard private jet interiors are luxurious, spacious and comfortable, there are, however, a small clutch of private jets that take this luxury to the next level.

Here we step inside some of the world’s most exclusive private jets to reveal their super chic interiors.

Sotto Interiors

The Skyacht interior
Skyacht One, the flying superyacht answers the question “What if a yacht could fly?”

The company who are leading the way when it comes to private jet interior design is Sotto and the Skyacht One typifies the outstanding work that they are commissioned to do. As one might imagine this interior is inspired by design and craftsmanship used to make classic yachts.

The Skyacht interior was designed with five spaces in mind; the Chartroom, Conference Room, Galley, Main Cabin and Master Suit. Each space features highly polished mahogany surfaces, hand stitched leather upholstery, portholes lined with brass and nickel and skylights.

While seated in the main cabin you can control the air conditioning and other features using engraved brass, gold, silver and platinum analogue buttons and dials. The lighting aboard the aeroplane changes to suit the time of day and in the master bedroom you will find 14th century maps to guide and inspire you.

Sotto are led by Master Designer Edward Sotto and as well as doing work for the aviation industry they also list Aston Martin and Ferrari as clients. The sheer brilliance of the work is arguably unsurpassed, but there are other designers who present a sophisticated competition.

Design Q

Design Q
Design Q’s private jet interiors breathe opulence and luxury. Image: Bombardier Global 7000

In contrast to Sotto, Design Q’s private jet interiors are a more conservative affair, but that isn’t to say that they don’t breathe opulence and luxury. The designs for the Bombardier Global 7000 are testament to the understated glory that Design Q bring to the fore.

Wood panelling are de rigueur throughout their portfolio and in addition to these are features such as silk carpets and brushed and polished metals. This “modern design language” is refined, elegant and has a simplicity to it that is somewhat reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, albeit an extremely plush example.

Design Q are also working with Comlux on interiors for the next generation of narrow body aircraft interiors. The vision is to create designs that capture the essence of different cultures through unique materials and styles.

Guiding the company is Howard Guy and Gary Doy, both with incredible pedigrees having worked for the likes of Jaguar in the past.

Embraer Executive Jets

Embraer Executive Jets
Experience the Lineage 1000E ultra-large private jet

One of the quirkier designs for a private jet interior comes courtesy of the Embraer Executive Jets in-house design team. The theme for this interior whisks one back to Hollywood’s golden age during the 1930s.

The centrepiece for the interior, made for the Lineage 1000E ultra-large private jet, is a fully functioning Cloud Club Art Deco bar with golden barstools. With this aircraft interior style and glamour are the order of the day and other features include a shower, big enough for two and extra wide windows finished in polished aluminium.

When it comes to sustenance, the VIP Chystal Room is equipped to accommodate six passengers for a lavish fine dining experience in the sky. If this leaves passengers feeling a little pooped, then they can retire to the sleeping quarters for some first class rest and recuperation.

R&R Associates

R&R Associates
R&R Associates work with MBA One to deliver some of the sleekest private jet interiors on the planet

For something altogether more space age in design, we look to R&R Associates who work with MBA One to deliver some of the sleekest private jet interiors on the planet.

Here ergonomic excellence meets cool astroshuttle as white leather upholstery are lit by neon turquoise strips in cabins that look like something out of a twenty first Kubrick sci fi movie. There is also leather panelling that surrounds super sized windows and grey woollen carpets that seamlessly stretch the length and breadth of aircraft.

This, however, is not R&R Associates vision of the future, this is the here and now. This is high end private jet interior design for the modern high net worth individual who is not afraid to live the dream.

Travelling by private jet doesn’t get any better than the examples we have here. Though the interiors we have looked at are all very different, they do have something in common, they are all exceptional and represent the most elite flying experience imaginable.