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The sky’s the limit: Let your Dad take flight this Father’s Day

The sky’s the limit with this fantastic selection of flying lessons and experiences from They are the perfect Father’s Day gift this year.

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson, Was £199, Now £97

Tactical Helicopter

Flying in a helicopter is one thing, but piloting one is quite another! This helicopter package has been carefully put together to set you on your way in the world of helicopter piloting. You will not just learn how to physically fly the aircraft, but all aspects needed to be a successful pilot. Your fully qualified instructor will run through a safety briefing and talk you through some of the flight theory. Once in the helicopter you will spend 20 minutes in the air, split into three sessions, where you will learn observation skills, how to navigate and flying respectively. You will then take part in an exciting hover challenge to test the skills you have learned, whilst your friends and family are welcome to take pictures of you in action. Once complete you will be presented with a signed flight certificate which can go towards you gaining your private pilot’s licence.


30 Minute Introductory Flying Lesson – UK Wide Selection, Was £12, Now £104

If you’ve ever wanted to become a pilot, this is your chance to turn your dreams into a reality. This incredible flying lesson will arm you with the knowledge you need to fly a real light aircraft for the very first time. Your day will start with an introduction to your expert instructor who will be responsible for teaching you all the basic manoeuvres required. With his in-depth instructions, you’ll feel confident enough to really enjoy taking control of the plane. You will be fully familiarised with the cockpit before taking to the air. Your instructor will demonstrate the planes capabilities and then it’s your turn to put what you have learned into practice. When you land, your family and friends will be on hand to welcome you back down to earth, making this a wonderful day out for the whole family to enjoy.


Try a Tiger, £149

Now is your chance to take control of a real Tiger Moth and soar through the air at one of six locations nationwide. You’ll have 15 minutes in the air with a fully qualified instructor who will first give you a demonstration before handing control to you in this specially modified dual control aircraft. Before takeoff, you will be fully briefed by your pilot, who will introduce you to the aircraft. Then it’s time to put on your authentic leather jacket and goggles, to really capture that nostalgic feeling. You’ll then be shown to your vintage Tiger Moth and prepare for takeoff. Once in the air, you’ll be able to feel the thrill of flying in this incredible bi-plane, with the wind in your face and the incredible scenery below. Once you are ready, your pilot will hand over controls and under his supervision you can fly this incredible aircraft for the first time. What an incredible thrill!

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