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The Verve Rally : Luxury Lifestyle meets Adventure

Explore luxurious destinations in luxurious motors with the Verve Rally.

The love of the open road, fast cars and speed combine to make rallies but are are traditionally associated with men, however the launch of the Verve Rally is set to buck one of those trends. The Verve Rally is a female friendly, luxurious and carbon neutral adventure, exploring bucket list destinations and is set to be an exciting addition to our social diary.

The rallies are taking place on the 30th July and 3rd September 2016 taking you to some of Europe’s finest locations. Heading south through France, Reims, Lyon Nice and Monte Carlo, followed by winding north to Lake Como, Lucerne, and the Alps. Quintessential motor and travel enthusiasts will revel in driving on gorgeous roads, which include a famous stretch of the Black Forest and the Gotthard Pass. Nature lovers can immerse themselves in sunsets, lakes and vineyards on route.

The nine-day event is not a challenge of speed or endurance. With the average driving time of four hours each day, punctuated by an elegant lunch of local delicacies. ‘Ververs’ will be able to follow their own pace while sharing the experience and breath-taking scenery with other like-minded adventurers. Whilst, enjoying romantic dinners and exploring the city privately.

Founded by London based serial entrepreneurs Marcus and Darshana. Verve is designed for an experience that titillates the senses. They were inspired to create a rally, which was focused on luxury lifestyle and attracted not just petrol heads but was equally attractive for the female traveller.

“Verve Rally is about celebrating life, the spirit of adventure and gratitude. It’s about enjoying the freedom of the open road, about embracing the summer and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our land and revel in sensory experience, one city at a time.” – Darshana Ubl, the co-founder.

Verve Rally is designed around the six elements to ensure a remarkable and memorable experience. It is around Earth: enjoy the fresh produce of the soil whether it is through a vineyard or lavender fields; Fire: light up the passion in your heart with magical sunsets and the summer sun; Air: Cool summer breeze and a good vibes; Water: Lakes, Sea and pool side relaxation, Metal : Precious and performance cars, Spirit: Adventure, Travel, Gratitude.

Verve Rally aims to be a carbon neutral rally that offsets its carbon footprint by planting trees across the world through a partnership with Plant a Tree (PATT) Foundation and Treedom. Verve Rally is committed to protecting the environment it enjoys. We need to “give back what we take” says Darshana.

Drive your luxury car or hire something special through Verve’s partnership with a prestigious car rental company and invest in memories that last a lifetime. Find all the info and apply for a place at .