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The World’s Most Expensive…

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world's most expensive watch

Dubai based concierge service Bespoke Lifestyle may be new to the industry, but it is already making already making huge waves in the Middle East. At home catering for the ultimate in high net worth clientele, Bespoke take us through some of the world’s most expensive items to have crossed their path.

The world’s most expensive car

A 1962 Ferrari GTO was reportedly sold recently for $35 million, making it the most expensive car in the world. The record price eclipses the $32 million paid for a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO back in February 2012, and the $30-34 million dished out for a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic back in 2010.

The 250 GTO in question is chassis number 3505GT, and was built speci­fically for the legendary English racing driver Stirling Moss, often called “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship”. While Moss never actually ended up racing the car (a career-ending crash in April of 1962 prevented him from getting behind the wheel), it still has a fairly signifi­cant history, including several race wins.

The world’s most expensive watch

This watch by Chopard is adorned with three stunning heart-shaped diamonds—a 15-carat a pink diamond, a 12-carat blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond. It also has 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds to bring the total to 201 carats of diamonds.

The watch retails at $25,000,000.

The Most Expensive Yacht

Probably the world’s most expensive yacht, History Supreme (Baia 100 supreme), was created by Stuart Hughes, a British purveyor of luxury gadgets.

The British genius designer made this luxury yacht especially for Malaysian business tycoon Robert Kuok, who had to pay an amazing $4.8 billion for it. 100,000kg of gold and platinum is embedded in the project throughout the boat, from the base to the anchor. The master bedroom comes adorned with platinum accents and has wall art made of meteoric stone that houses the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The 100‑“superyacht” took 3 years to complete.

Behind Bespoke Lifestyle

Bespoke Lifestyle was founded at the start of 2012 in Dubai in The United Arab Emirates. Bespoke Lifestyle was born out of the desire by the founding members to bring emerging markets the best luxury lifestyle products the world has to offer in their own languages whilst also creating a platform to promote Dubai as a luxury destination. Dubai has changed dramatically over the last three decades, becoming a major business centre and luxury travel destination.

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