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Top ten British luxury James Bond essentials

daniel craig as james bond

Here is a selection of the top ten luxury brands a British gentleman would love to own. Most of these are British and even James Bond would approve of the few that have become global brands.

1. The perfect yacht

The Hunton XRS43 is a truly Bond like bespoke luxury yacht.
The Hunton XRS43 is a truly Bond like bespoke luxury yacht.

The Hunton XRS43 Yacht is the most exclusive luxury high performance yacht made in England. Recently, the yacht was employed to stunning effect in the movie Sahara with Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruise; people still talk about the stunts this boat performed whilst escaping the bad guys. There is simply no other British boat builder creating yachts with this performance, stability and quality. The Hunton XRS43 is the one to covet, with up to 1324 HP, good head height, a spacious salon, separate heads and shower, a well-appointed galley and a double berth, with teak decking, leather upholstery and bespoke design finishes as standard. Hunton are the pinnacle of English boat craftsmanship and luxury. A unique luxury yacht that turns heads in any port. XRS43 prices start at £470k.

2. The perfect car

The Aston Martin DB is the perfect Bond essential.
The Aston Martin DB11 is the perfect Bond essential.

Aston Martin is still the Bond car par excellence and the new DB11 boasts great looks and the performance to match. A twin turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine with 600bhp and 700 nm maximum torque, 0-62 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. It sports an aluminium body with Aeroblade™ technology to harness the airflow for maximum stability in all conditions and is the most powerful DB ever built. It is more of a gran tourer than a sports car, but effortlessly elegant and luxurious. Price are around £155k.

3. The perfect plane

The Cessna Citation is perfect for your own private travels.
Travel in the lap of luxury with the Cessna Citation X Jet, perfect for your own private travels.

A Cessna Citation X Jet. At a starting price of $23 million, the Cessna Citation X is the world’s fastest super mid-size business jet. With an upgraded Rolls Royce AE3007C2 turbofan engine, and several features to make your trip comfortable, this is the ideal luxury private jet for anyone looking to ride in style this summer. It has both the power and efficiency that competing jets cannot reach. When was the last time you hit Mach 0.935? British made Rolls Royce engines supply the power and smooth flight. Price starts at $23 million.

4. The perfect watch

The stylish and sophisticated Loomes Red Robin watch.
The stylish and sophisticated Red Robin watch by Robert Loomes.

The Red Robin watch by Robert Loomes. This watch is completely handmade in Stamford by Robert Loomes and his craftsman, with painstaking attention to detail. The case is made from a solid 18ct gold casting and fitted with its sapphire, the only firm in England to cut and polish their own sapphire crystals. A traditional and beautiful piece of engineering. Price POA.

5.The perfect helicopter

The  W609 tilt- rotor combines the concept of both helicopter and plane to create a luxury piece of engineering.
The AW609 Tilt Rotor combines the concept of both helicopter and plane to create a luxurious piece of modern engineering.

The AW609 Tilt Rotor helicopter combines the vertical take off of a helicopter with the comfort, speed and range of a private jet. Flying at speeds of up to 275 K and cruises at altitudes of up to 25,000 ft, the AW609 is capable of performing long-range missions with up to nine passengers and two crew with a full fuel load. Or if you wish to be a little more traditional in your helicopter, purchase the same company who also makes the Agusta or AW169 a 4.6 tonnes twin-turbine helicopter. The Leonardo Company still make some helicopters in Yeovil, such as the Lynx 300, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters and the AW189 civil helicopter. Retail price starts at $8.5 million.

6. The perfect suit

Buy the Dege Skinner suit, to perfect the Bond-like look.
Buy the Dege & Skinner suit, to perfect the Bond-like look.

Dege & Skinner was founded in 1865 and is one of two family-run bespoke tailoring houses to remain in Savile Row and the only one to have a permanent shirt-cutting service based in the shop. Renowned experts in civilian and sports clothing, as well as the tailoring of military uniforms, the Skinner family has been dressing royalty, businessmen, professionals, the military and discerning individuals for over a century and a half. Still owned by father and son, Michael and William Skinner, who are chairman and managing director respectively. Based at Number 10 Savile Row, it is the place to get your exquisitely tailored British suit. Suit prices start at £950.

7. The perfect swim shorts

To maintain that sleek and chic apparel on the beach then buy Marane's luxury swim shorts.
To maintain that sleek and chic apparel on the beach then buy the Marané luxury swim shorts.

Marané swim shorts. James Bond has always looked good whilst strolling along Piccadilly but he also needed to look good walking out of the sea on to a Caribbean island. So to accompany the suit, add a pair of Marané swim shorts that look smart by the pool, water skiing or at the bar. Marané produce the ultimate luxury beach shorts for men, designed to flatter and compliment the discerning man who wants to look well dressed even on the beach. Designed in Uruguay using only the finest materials, with designs by a leading international Uruguayan artist, Claudio Pincas, inspired by Punta del Este. These are the quintessential gentlemen’s swim shorts. Manantiales swim shorts are priced at £155.

8. The perfect motorbike

The beautifully sleek and stylish Triumph Thruxton
The beautifully sleek and stylish Triumph Thruxton R.

The Triumph Thruxton R. This beautiful café racer boasts a 1200 cc six speed engine with a peak torque of 112NM. A stunning modern classic that is a delight to ride and delivers the thrilling sound of a British racing twin. Equipped to the highest specification with twin floating Brembo disks, Brembo monobloc calipers, Showa Big piston forks, Öhlins rear suspension and Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tyres. Thruxton R prices start at £11,700.

9. The perfect luggage

Bond inspired Globe Trotter Luggage.
Bond inspired Globe Trotter Luggage.

With all this travelling you are going to need cases, and and what better way to travel in style then with the worlds most famous classic modern luxury English suitcases created by Globe Trotter Luggage. The worlds most famous luxury luggage, hand crafted in Hertfordshire, England since 1932. Fans of the cases include Captain Scott of the Antarctic, Winston Churchill and the Queen who used them for her honeymoon. Modern designs hand crafted on antique Victorian presses. Look out for the Spectre or Money Penny range. Prices start at around £1200.

10. The perfect submarine

To explore the ocean floor, buy the
To explore the ocean floor, buy the DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II submarine.

The Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II submarine, designed by British engineer Graham Hawkes. Graham designed 70% of the manned submersibles produced between 1980 and 1990 and is known worldwide as an eclectic inventor. DeepFlight’s personal submarines are a fundamentally new type of craft that enable the unique experience of flying underwater. Imagine cruising alongside whales, sharks and dolphins, exploring uncharted shipwrecks, or hovering over pristine coral reefs. The oceanic world, which has been inaccessible for so long, can finally be opened up for personal exploration and adventure. Graham also designed the Mantis sub marine used in the James Bond Film “For Your Eyes Only”. Price start at around $1.6m

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