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Travel in style with the world’s-first on-demand luxury car service, ROLZO


At Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, we’re big fans of elite motoring. We’re also big fans of services, like Uber, that make travelling for business, or pleasure, completely painless and paperwork free. Which is exactly why we’re excited about ROLZO, a luxury car concierge service that meets right in the sweet-spot between elite motoring and stress-free simplicity.

The London-based company’s premise is simple, yet tantalising. Aimed at the jet-setting individual, ROLZO offers a fleet of over 350 models of the world’s most exclusive cars in over 30 major global cities, all accessible via the member’s app. If you’re in Abu Dhabi on business, and want to drive your dream car in the desert, you can have ROLZO deliver a Lamborghini to the parking lot of your hotel. Equally, if you want to escape London for a family getaway, contact your personal concierge, who is available 24/7 to serve your motoring needs, to drop you a spacious Range Rover for your trip to the country.

ROLZO is a unique concierge service that gives you exclusive access to a fleet of luxury cars around the world

As many of our readers will know, not only does purchasing an elite sports-car, like a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti, for example, come at quite an initial outlay, but the upkeep, insurance and servicing can often make it prohibitively expensive, particularly if you’re travelling abroad often and are unable to take your car with you. With a ROLZO membership, however, you can eliminate the frustrations and stresses of maintaining your own luxury vehicle, and instead make use of some of the world’s finest cars, on the go.

The additional benefit of this service, besides the personal 24/7 concierge, is that all of the mind-bending paperwork and terms and conditions are retained within ROLZO’s membership app, making it a lot easier, and far less long-winded, to simply acquire whichever car you need, for a few days, at the click of a button. Additionally, if you fancy travelling in style, but aren’t in the mood to drive yourself, ROLZO also provides a chauffeuring service within its membership package.

ROLZO offers a whole new level of luxury

Speaking about the launch of the London-based company, which is already generating serious traction in the luxury vehicle sector, Chief Executive Officer Tom Ripert said, “The lifestyle markers of car ownership that have been held dear in past years are now seen as irrelevant by a society that is rapidly evolving from ownership to usership. Rather, it’s now more important to have access to a car as opposed to owning one.”

It is a fair point. For most, owning a lavish car is all about experiencing the feeling of driving it, and being noticed stepping in and out of it. What good is a vehicle if it’s stored in your garage during office hours, and only getting some fresh air on rare days off? Ripert believes that ROLZO presents members with the status and kudos of driving a luxury vehicle, without any of the tedium associated with maintenance.

Hire a car that is unique and exclusively yours – whether your main focus is performance, aesthetics or a captivating presence

“Our members want quick access to mobility. They want to press a button on their phone and have a car be ready when they arrive or have a car show up at their location when they need it.”

“We’re simplifying the archaic process traditionally associated with hiring a car by combining state-of-the-art technologies and hyper-personal service. Our members can simply connect with their personal concierge 24/7 and have a car delivered to their home, hotel, or nearest airport in just a few taps through the ROLZO app,” Ripert added.

The company is in its infancy, but even so, it has still already rolled out services in eight countries – the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria, and over 30 cities – including London, Paris, Milan, Munich and Abu Dhabi. The chances are, if it’s a major European stop, whether for business or pleasure, you’ll be able to access ROLZO to arrive to your vacation destination or business meeting in eye-opening style.

For variety, versatility and freedom from the trivialities that ownership entails, gaining access to the ROLZO membership will transform your lifestyle

The fleet of 350-plus models available through ROLZO spans 15 different elite manufacturers, listed alphabetically: Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Cadillac, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls-Royce and Tesla. That’s a catalogue of the world’s absolute-best cars, and instead of committing to buying just one or two, with enough notice, the full fleet is available to you.

For more information, visit If you’re keen on beginning your journey into the world of luxury on-demand travel, you can download the apps on Apple Store or Google Play.