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The best luxury restaurants in London


England’s capital really has it all: great museums, amazing theatre, out of this world bars, and obviously fantastic restaurants. If you are looking for a luxury evening out, then London can definitely accommodate. To help you make the most of your evenings in this city, here are some of its most elite restaurants.

The Square

Established in 1991 and situated in Mayfair, The Square is known for its exquisite food. And through this, the eatery has made a brilliant name for itself. The dishes are amazing (think steamed fillet of turbot, John Dory roast, and a new season’s lamb) and the atmosphere is one of the best that London has to offer. Once you’ve enjoyed your main course, it’s definitely time to sample some of The Square’s fantastic desserts. The restaurant offers mouth-watering sweets like wild strawberry shortcake, black forest gateau and a large selection of sorbets, which are perfect for cleansing your pallet. The Square’s menu is delicious and definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a memorable meal out.

Sketch Lecture Room and Library
Sketch Lecture Room and Library was designed by leading interior designer Gabhan O’Keeffe and was once the home of Christian Dior’s salon

Sketch Lecture Room and Library

Located on Conduit Street, Sketch Lecture Room and Library was designed by leading interior designer Gabhan O’Keeffe and was once the home of Christian Dior’s salon. This beautiful restaurant is perfect for those with a fine taste in food and an appreciation for art. It combines dishes like line-caught sea bass and whole braised John Dory to create a menu that wows its diners. Those that are fortunate enough to eat within the restaurant’s walls will also be exposed to one of London’s most highly acclaimed wine lists – as if you needed yet another reason to visit!

The Ritz Restaurant

The Ritz Restaurant is often considered one of the most beautiful dining destinations in the world. Here you can enjoy traditional English meals, such as beef wellington and roast chicken, all while sitting among the eatery’s incredible marble pillars and chandeliers. The prestigious name speaks for itself, but for an extra special meal customers can opt for Live At The Ritz: this experience is only available on a Friday and Saturday evening and is one of the only places in London that can offer fine dining and live entertainment all at once.

Aqua Shard

Placed inside the iconic Shard building, the Aqua Shard combines fine dining with arguably the best view in London. The view is made possible thanks to an abundance of natural light that spills through immense windows that adorn this fantastic venue. A typical meal here includes classic English dishes that are joined with cocktails such as the ‘Devonshire Cream Cup’, which is crafted from Tanqueray, Aperol, crème de fraise, lemon curd, tarragon balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and earl grey tea. Ultimately, if you want to enjoy fine food and luscious cocktails in a venue that provides one of the most sought after panoramas in all of London, the Aqua Shard is the place for you.

Aqua Shard
Aqua Shard combines fine dining with arguably the best view in London

Babylon – Roof Gardens

Babylon is located in the heart of Kensington and is situated on a roof garden that looks out across the beauties of London. With spectacular views and food to match – the salt cured, slow cooked leg of Gressingham duck with blackberry preserves is a must have – Babylon is one of the most luxurious places you’ll ever eat. Its choice of al fresco dining also makes it one of most versatile luxury restaurants in England’s capital.

Your Own Home

The last restaurant on this list is a very special one: it’s your very own home. While dining out in all of these elite locations are experiences you must collect, you often can’t beat the comfort of your own front room/dining table – where families come together and real memories are made. Thankfully, food delivery services like Deliveroo have made it possible to receive restaurant-quality meals – like those mentioned above – straight to your front door. They can also bring you a vast selection of food for special occasions.