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Bolney & Kew collaborate for new luxury wine range

Bolney & Kew Sparkling Wine

Bolney Wine Estate and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew have combined their exceptional expertise to launch a new range of premium English sparkling wines, which are available to purchase now.

The Bolney Kew Sparkling collection includes a sparkling white and a sparkling rosé. With each and every sip, both wines evoke the fragrant sights and sounds of the Sussex countryside, where award winning wines are produced by Sam Linter, Head Winemaker and her dedicated team at Bolney Wine Estate.

The Bolney Kew sparkling white is a delightful sparkling wine with floral, zesty citrus fruit, honeysuckle and elderflower notes that finishes with just a hint of sweetness. The sparkling rosé is a seriously sophisticated wine that offers notes of raspberry and wild strawberry, with subtle savoury undertones adding complexity.

The relationship between these two prestigious English brands is based on a shared passion for preserving biodiversity. The Bolney Wine Estate is a haven for wildlife, and through its traditional production methods and cultural practices, avidly promotes and maintains soil health, fertility, and stability in its vineyards. As well as being a globally renowned botanic garden growing 30,000 different plants and a UNESCO world heritage site, Kew, is a world-leading research centre for plant and fungal science.

Bolney & Kew Sparkling Wine
The Bolney Kew Sparkling collection

English flora and fauna is celebrated beautifully in the presentation of The Bolney Kew Sparkling collection, featuring dragonflies, ladybirds and wildflowers often seen at the vineyard. These visuals were inspired by illustrations from the unique and extensive archives at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Sam Linter, Head Winemaker at Bolney Wine Estate, said: “We have been producing wines since the 1970’s and have continued to grow and develop over this time. We are so proud to add the Bolney Kew Sparkling collection to our offerings and widen the awareness of English horticulture and viticulture through our partnership.”

Quincy Leon, Head of Licensing and Development at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, added: “English winemaking is an industry we are pleased to support, and the Bolney Wine Estate is an excellent example of sustainable wine production. Their wines are of the highest quality and Sam and her team share our thirst for promoting the importance of UK biodiversity, so we are proud to partner with them to produce this delightful range of sparkling wines.”

The Bolney Kew Sparkling wine collection will be available to buy in the Kew Gardens shop now and will be exclusively available in high end retailers following the launch. For further information visit or