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Centauri Honey and its anti-ageing properties: Big International cosmetic brands want the secret, but the owner is keeping quiet

By LLM Reporters  |  November 3, 2020

Words by Nicola Boston from Istanbul

Recently we showcased the exclusive honey brand bottled high in the hills of the Black Sea region of Turkey, Centauri Honey, and now owner Ahmet Eren Cakir tells us how big international cosmetic brands want to know his secrets.

The selection of honeys cultivated from Caucasian honey bees who have no contact with other colonies (they are kept 50km away from other homes and colonies to ensure there is no spread of the varroa mite) is bottled at 2,500 above sea level and has a list of exclusive customers who travel from far and wide to collect their goods.

What, might you ask, is so special about this honey and what are the anti-ageing and skincare benefits that is produces?

Ahmet Eren Cakir
Researcher and enterpereur Ahmet Eren Cakir, 44, is the man behind the super exclusive Centauri Honey brand

First of all there are three types of the honey made; Centauri Honey Classic, which sells at €3,500 for 1kg; Centauri Honey Cave, which is extracted from a deep cave and can be purchased for €10,000 per kg; and the Centauri Proxima Custom Made Honey, which is sold to only one customer a year and costs €25,000 for 2kg. Doctors, royals and celebrities add themselves to the waiting list for this one-of-a-kind honey, which provides an array of benefits thanks to its ingredients list which is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, proline and minerals.

The immunity boosting and fine line-eradicating formula makes for an interesting reason to purchase this elite nectar, and customers are so convinced with its results that they travel from as far as L.A, Japan and London to collect their supply once testing has been completed.

Ahmet, who started Centauri Honey three years ago, says that worldwide cosmetics brands are keen to find out his secrets – he uses a formula to increase the quality of the honey, but no one else knows exactly just what this is. The 44-year-old entrepreneur is keen to keep this and his particular production methods close to his chest though and doesn’t see sharing his secrets with these cosmetic brands as an option. Instead he says he would rather only supply to his loyal customers from Paris, Milan and the like.

Centauri Honey is thought to be the most expensive honey in the world

His Centauri Honey Cave option is the one that is grabbing the most attention at this time as it has been shown to produce some impressive natural anti-ageing effects on wrinkles and fine lines and skin in general. The effects of the honey are best seen when consumed on an empty stomach and also applied directly to the face, with Ahmet claiming that results can be seen in just two weeks.

Each bottle of honey that the customers send their assistants to collect has been laboratory tested by the Turkish Scientific Council with an analysis report being signed off after a sample has been put through several quality checks. Plenty of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can be seen on the testing certificate, an antioxidant known for its wonderful skincare benefits. It works by protecting skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays and it also inhibits the production of melanin production in the skin which aids in lightening brown spots and hyperpigmentation as well as enhancing skin’s radiance and evening out skin tone.

Customers reserve their limited quantities and travel, once they have been informed of its readiness, to Istanbul to collect their precious cargo by hand

In a world where people are willing to spend the big bucks to make themselves appear younger, using honey to do this seems like a rather simple but effective solution as opposed to heading into surgery or trying out other painful treatments. With only 10 to 12 kilograms available to purchase each year and with a minimum order of 1kg per customer, anyone wanting to try this as an anti-ageing serum had better get in there quick!


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