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Chubby Honey Egg Nog

Cocktail of the week: Hotel Arts Barcelona’s Chubby Honey Egg Nog

By LLM Reporters on 27th November 2017

With recent research indicating that 73% of younger drinkers are enjoying cocktails at home, switch up your chosen festive tipple of choice this winter and create a Chubby Honey Egg Nog cocktail in the comfort of your own home.

Cocktail connoisseur Diego Baud, head bar man at Hotel Arts Barcelona’s Frank’s Cocktail Bar, shares his secret recipe for his newly invented festive Chubby Honey Egg Nog Cocktail:

Chubby Honey is like a liquid dessert and the perfect way to end any festive meal. The bold and complex flavours of Brandy perfectly unites with the dry notes of Amontillado Sherry for a warm festive flavour. And a finishing touch, the cocktail is embraced within a hand knitted sweater.

Diego shares his secret recipe for this festive winter warmer.

Serves 10 generously

12 Large eggs
500g Organic honey
10oz Brandy
12oz Amontillado Sherry
1L Whole milk
24oz Organic heavy cream
Grated nut meg or cinnamon on top

Using a mixer on low speed, beat eggs until smooth. Slowly add cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar until they are fully dissolved. Add the Torres 15 Brandy, Amontillado Sherry, milk and cream. Refrigerate overnight and serve in empty egg shells or a small chilled cups.

Bar Chef Tip
Finish with fresh-grated nutmeg on top before serving for a picture perfect finish.