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Cocktail of the week: Red Vesper by Sexy Fish

Cocktail of the week: Red Vesper by Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish, an Asian fish and seafood restaurant located on the South East corner of Berkeley Square, Mayfair, shows us how to make the delcious Red Vesper cocktail.

Serves 1

30ml Plymouth Navy Strength infused with hibiscus flower (100g)
30ml Absolut Elyx
15ml Lillet Rose
2 drops grapefruit bitters
Lemon zest
1 lemon twist to garnish

To make the Plymouth Navy Strength infused with Hibiscus flower
Insert 100g of dried hibiscus flowers (available online or in specialist stores) into a bottle of Plymouth Navy Strength gin and leave it to rest for four hours in a refrigerator. Once fully infused, make sure to strain the spirit before serving (if you have a tea strainer or small sieve, it would be better to double strain it, but this is
not essential).

To make the cocktail
Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass and rapidly stir in a circular motion using a long spoon. Double strain (using the shaker and a small sieve or tea strainer) into a coupette or Champagne coupe and serve immediately. At Sexy Fish, the drink is garnished with a lemon star.

Ian Fleming’s fictional siren, Vesper Lynd has been portrayed by two of the most alluring women in the history of film – Ursula Andress and Eva Green. He also created a “Vesper martini” in honour of Lynd, which uses Lillet Blanc. Two reasons why you cannot blame the bar team at Sexy Fish – men and women alike – for wanting to create a cocktail in tribute to her character. Their adaptation includes Lillet Rose and grapefruit bitters, which give the drink a red hue. A little Chinese Bond villain is thrown into the mix – Lynd turns out to be a villain herself – and the Red Vesper is adorned with a yellow star, replicating the Chinese flag. Bitter and robust, the Red Vesper is the antidote to the classic Bond girl.