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The Colony Club

Cocktail of the week: The Old Colonial

By LLM Reporters on 23rd February 2016

Perfect for the cold winter months, The Old Colonial is one of The Colony Club’s mouth-watering signature cocktails and is a rum-based favourite.

This is how you make the perfect Old Colonial cocktail.

50 mls Ron Zacapa 23 year old
Dash of soda
One sugar cube
A splash of Campari
Full glass of ice cubes
Orange zest to garnish

1) Soak one sugar cube with the Campari in a rock glass
2) Add the Ron Zacapa and a dash of soda
3) Stir in the ice cubes slowly as the sugar dissolves (3-5 minutes)
4) Add orange zest to garnish

A delicate balance of bitters and sugar with a creamy texture given by 23 year-old rum from Guatemala that also adds an easy-sipping sweetness and aromatic complexity finished with essential oils of the orange zest.

A contemporary venue that sparkles in its glamorous Park Lane setting, The Colony Club casino in Mayfair also boasts an extensive menu of high-quality international cuisine.