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Five delicious Mediterranean summer dishes & where to try them

From seafood feasts to seasonal fruits, the Mediterranean is awash with mouth-watering cuisine that characterises a distinct culinary tradition and a rich culture.

The summer months welcome traditional dishes like grilled bass and summer tomatoes, Greek spinach salad and smoked trout and summer bean salad.Fine Mediterranean restaurants serve up some of the best dishes in the world, as part of varied and delicious cuisines, enriching luxury villa holidays and luring holidaymakers time and time again.

From Greek to Spanish, French to Italian, gourmet cuisine is never too far from the most appealing European destinations. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Mediterranean dishes and where you can find them this summer.

1. Bourdeto in Corfu


When you think of Greek food, you usually think of olives, feta and mountains of meat. Yet Corfu’s relative isolation from the rest of the Greek mainland means that it has evolved its own culinary style over thousands of years. Bourdeto is a real local favourite and can rarely be found anywhere but the island itself. It is essentially fish cooked in a rich tomato sauce with onion, garlic and red spicy pepper and it’s so delicious that celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have all come to Corfu to learn how to make it.

Where to try it: Restaurant SpirosKaridis, Boukari.

Where to stay: Villa Salina

2. Civet de Sanglier in Corsica

Civet de Sanglier
Civet de Sanglier

Although part of France, Corsica shares much of its cuisine with neighbouring Italy and even Spain. Civet de sanglier is known as its signature dish – a rich, hearty casserole consisting of slow cooked boar flavoured with onions, carrots, garlic, chestnuts, fennel and plenty of wine. It is served to be shared, making it the ideal meal to enjoy with friends under the stars.

Where to try it: La Bodega, Bonifacio.

Where to stay: Villa Scorpio

3. Squid Praiano in The Amalfi Coast

Squid Praiano
Squid Praiano

You can’t visit the Amalfi Coast without trying squid praiano. The delicacy consists of freshly caught squid stuffed with organically grown potatoes and dried tomatoes as well as sautéed beans. Every local has their own individual way of preparing the dish and all will argue that their method is best but most will agree that Ristorante Torre Normana is a good place to sample it.

Where to try it: Ristorante Torre Normana

Where to stay: Villa Oliviero

4. Tumbet in Mallorca


Similar in many ways to French ratatouille or Spanish pisto, tumbet is a roasted vegetable dish made from ingredients that can be easily found on the island of Mallorca such as eggplant, zucchini and peppers. Locals enjoy it so much that it can be ordered at almost every restaurant on the island, however the atmosphere and unique styling at La Cueva makes it absolutely worth a visit.

Where to try it: La Cueva

Where to stay: Villa Madrona

5. Bouillabaise in St Tropez


This traditional French dish is a fish stew that originated in Marseille but has been adapted and arguably improved in the luxurious town of St Tropez. Using a selection of Provencal herbs and spices to create a rich and delicious broth, the chef at Chez Camille chooses only the freshest and finest fish to make the bouillabaisse not only delicious but also unforgettable.

Where to try it: Chez Camille

Where to stay: Villa des Parcs

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