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Great gift ideas for the foodie in your life


Struggling to find the perfect gift, why not go luxury or even DIY with a food and drink hamper with all their favourite treats and delights. You can pick the perfect container, whether it’s a trendy wooden crate or a pretty wicker basket, give them the perfect treat that’s just all theirs. So what to get your foodie friend…


Most people love chocolate, so why not think about putting a chocolate hamper together, if they like a particular type of chocolate, let’s say dark chocolate. Then scour for as many different flavour bars, different sizes, boxes of chocolate and unique flavours that you can find. The same applies to milk or white and if they don’t care then you can really just buy whatever takes your fancy.

Think about mixing it up, it’s a hamper afterall so include some indulgent hot chocolate and in some chocolate chips, marshmallows, crispy chocolate pieces even some nuts if they don’t have an allergy of course. Include a mug for the hot chocolate or a decorative container that they can use to hide their stash. The best of this is that you can make it up for male or female preference. Even think about including some chocolate hazelnut spread, biscuits, cakes and brownies can all be included. Hotel Chocolat has small size hampers and good quality chocolate, or think of a gift hamper like this one at hampergifts if you don’t want to make one up yourself. Best of all you can spend as little or as much as you want.

Tea and biscuits

Great for the person who can’t go the day with out a cup of tea. Find out their favourite brew, mix it up with some speciality teas or some alternative brands, or flavourings, find out their favourite dunkable and buy them in and also add in some classic afternoon tea favourites, buy a teapot for one with a teapot and cup, if your budget stretches invest in a new cup and if your really want to give a great unique gift think about a full set or even a tea infuser if it is someone who enjoys speciality tea. Think about a coaster personalised for them also, or even a cake stand if you want to give a truly unique gift, check out Twinings or even Fortnum and Mason.


Coffee is becoming the nation’s favourite pastime. But many of us like to start the day with a cup of coffee. So buy a cafetiere some good quality coffee beans, different strengths, look at the blends, try Java, Kenyan and Columbian flavours. Get some really good biscuits for coffee, those you see in great restaurants. Invest in some espresso or coffee cups. If your coffee lover really loves their morning cup, get them a travel mug. If you really have the budget and you want to score some great points think about a quality coffee machine, such as a Nespresso. The Nespresso pods are available in most retail outlet and you could add them in to your hamper or think about just building a hamper around the machine and pods. Think the pods are a little expensive there are amazing alternatives to Nespresso and Nespresso compatible capsules available giving you a great taste. Check out the compatible pods have good quality coffee with a reasonably priced selection.