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Jaffa Cake Gin: Possibly two of the finest ingredient pairings in a tipple

By Natasha Heard  |  May 3, 2020
Jaffa Cake and Negroni Serve

For those lovers of the delightful biscuity cake-like creation that is the McVities Jaffa Cake, you will have, no doubt, rejoiced when the first giant Jaffa Cake recipe was released. After all, it is the dream of many to be able to recreate a favourite snack about 50 times larger than the original, without the use of Rick Moranis’ creation in Honey I Blew Up the Kid.

We digress, for there is a new creation on the market, and this one may seem an unusual combination but, trust us, you will be satiated. Welcome to the room Jaffa Cake Gin. Yes, you read that correctly, Jaffa Cakes and gin perfectly combined to create a drinkable treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Following the repealing of the Gin Act in 2008, which had banned small scale distilleries from producing the tipple since 1751, gin has seen a resurgence in recent years, with all sorts of flavours being combined with this lip-smacking tipple. Bringing together two timeless classics, Jaffa Cake Gin is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and real-life Jaffa Cakes for that tea-time treat taste and is built around a distinctive base of crisp juniper.

Jaffa Cake Gin

Ideal for gin lovers and those with sweet cravings, and not simply a novelty item either as this unique gin can be combined with Campari and sweet red vermouth to create a delightful twist on the classic Negroni, but we’ll talk about that later.

The gin itself offers an uncanny resemblance to a Jaffa Cake, unsurprisingly, but this still remains a flavoured gin; delicately sweet on the palate and by no means a sickly drink resembling a liqueur. The flavour is well-balanced and has great poise, never overdoing it in terms of the taste. When you take a sip, you will notice a delightful zingy orange scent that is followed by a rich, chocolatey undertone, with hints of the vanilla-infused cake and a tiny dash of almond, followed by that refreshing, pine-scented juniper.

This crowd-pleaser (you really don’t have to be the biggest Jaffa Cake fan to enjoy this) is a good all-rounder and can be enjoyed with a touch of tonic or as part of cocktail to be complemented with a selection of other tipples. So, should you find yourself in possession of this bright and bold cork-sealed bottle of distinctive gin, have a go at creating some classics with a Jaffa Cake twist.

Jaffa Cake gin and Ingredients

Back to the Negroni and this gin makes a really good pairing for this traditional Italian cocktail. Grab yourself 25mls each of Jaffa Cake Gin, Campari and Martini Rosso sweet vermouth, give it a good shake in a cocktail shaker along with some ice and strain into an ice-filled tumbler. Finish with a sophisticated sliver of orange peel or have some fun and garnish with a Jaffa Cake, because, why on earth not? You can buy a Negroni bundle from Masters of Malt if you don’t have all ingredients to hand.

If you fancy something a little fizzier then how about a take on the traditional French 75? Swap out the lemon elements for orange in this cocktail to complement the gin and top with Champagne to create a buzzing beverage to enjoy during lockdown. Have a play around with some existing cocktail concoctions and when social gatherings are permitted once more, you’ll, no doubt, have plenty of tasty treats to delight your friends with.