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La Maison Cointreau unveils the new Cointreau in Blood Orange

Cointreau in Blood Orange

A vibrant and fun new expression of Cointreau, La Maison Cointreau has launched Cointreau Blood Orange. A remarkable edition, which is a new take on the Cointreau original, this new flavour is the perfect balance between sweet, bitter and blood orange peels for a new taste experience, both tangy and rich in aromas taken from only the finest and aromatic blood oranges.

Just like Cointreau’s founder Edouard, who travelled the globe to find the finest oranges, La Maison Cointreau has continued in his footsteps. From researching painstakingly this distinctive orange variety, locating some of the most aromatic blood orange fruit on the planet in the orange groves of the Mediterranean island of Corsica, called “l’ile de beauté”. It was there, that La Maison Cointreau found one singular distinctive tree to allow the unique creation of the Cointreau Blood Orange, a tree so majestic and precious, it crafts the newly launched Cointreau expression by nature itself.

Grown in the heart of an orangery with open sky between sea and mountains, the one Cointreau Blood Orange tree, with a combination of Mediterranean climate and the rugged Corsican soil gives the blood orange its vitality, intense aromas and exquisite taste. The blood oranges are harvested at just the right moment, which is once a year between February and March when their peels contain high concentrations of the essential oils that are then captured by distillation.

Cointreau in Blood Orange
A vibrant and fun new expression of Cointreau, La Maison Cointreau has launched Cointreau Blood Orange

La Maison Cointreau continued the quest for harmony in expressing artfully the character of the fruit and brought a whole new dimension to them. The resulting Cointreau Blood Orange having a fresh, slight tangy and crisp taste and on the nose, Cointreau Blood Orange offering a voluptuous bouquet of fruit head aromas that open to reveal more discreet zesty citrus notes. The interplay of the different orange varieties also creates a profoundly rewarding complexity of taste and an all-natural and crystal clear spirit with superb fullness.

Presented in the iconic Cointreau square bottle, with the ‘1849’ seal to signify when the House was first established, the Cointreau Blood Orange bottle’s orange-red colour embodies the new expression’s audacious character. In addition, the bottle’s rose gold finish is a nod to the copper stills at the Cointreau distillery in Angers.

Cointreau Blood Orange has all the versatility of Cointreau. It can be appreciated in a long drink or cocktail but what we love is the refreshing Cointreau Rouge, 1⁄2 Cointreau Blood Orange, 1⁄2 Cranbury juice, served in a big wine glass over lots of ice with a slice of orange.

Cointreau Blood Orange 30% ABV/50cl is available to purchase at selected Waitrose stores in Spring 2017. Recommended retail price £17.