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Luxury kitchenware every home needs right now

By Faye Bradley  |  August 18, 2020

Whether you’re a chef or not, the kitchen is one of the main showpieces of a modern home. When you purchase a good cookware set, it lasts a lifetime, so it’s definitely worth the investment. There are a few things to consider when buying kitchenware, including utility, design, storage solutions, and ensuring that it’s safe, non-toxic and easy to use. However, finding the right tools and cookware can be a long and daunting task – so we’ve sped things up a little for you with our list. Without further ado, here are some of the best, luxury kitchenware products and brands that every home needs.

Chic cooking ware from Circulon’s Style Collection

Image courtesy of John Lewis

Circulon by Meyer are pioneers in non-stick cookware and have been engineering gourmet kitchenware since 1985 (deemed as the original hard-anodised non-stick cookware brand). Taking pan design to another level, the world-renowned label has announced the launch of its Style Collection which brings sophistication and functionality to your kitchen. The products are designed to ensure that food doesn’t stick and with the unique circular technology and hi-low circular grooves, the non-stick surface reduces abrasion—even with no oil.

Marked with a signature “S” shape on the handles, the pans are crafted from heavy gauge hard anodised materials (twice as hard as stainless steel) to ensure durability for your cooking ware. The collection features a 25/28cm skillet, 30cm covered stir fry pan, 20/24/27cm sauteuse pans, a 26cm deep chef casserole and 16/18/20cm three piece saucepan set. We love the Circulon Style 25cm Open Skillet and the Circulon Style 20cm/4QT Saucepan (with lid) for versatility and easy, breezy cooking.

For further information on Circulon and to find out more about the story behind the circles, visit

The new Circulon Style range is available to buy in John Lewis stores and at

Luxury, lightweight wine glasses from Zafferano

Image courtesy of Zafferano

Tablo links together Italian homeware companies for a one-click luxury experience based on tableware, drinkware, kitchenware and glassware products. One of its vendors, Zafferano, originated from Venice and is famous for its design, wine production and haute cuisine. Bringing the wine experience home, the brand specialises in mouth-blown handcrafted wine glasses in fine crystal glass. Designed by Federico de Majo, the ULTRALIGHT Goblet white wine glass is for passionate wine drinkers and made from the finest crystal glass to ensure resistance, transparency and return quality.

Using innovative, super light glass, each product from the collection is meticulously designed in a unique shape to suit any special occasion, from champagne tastings to red wine meal accompaniments. For a full-bodied red wine, the ULTRALIGHT Goblet red wine glass is crafted from the signature fine crystal glass and hand blown for ultimate luxury and indulgent sipping. If you’re having a young red wine, the ULTRALIGHT Goblet young red wine glass is a must, and is shaped in an elegant form to match premium tableware.

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Eco-cleaning products from Soapnut Republic

Image courtesy of Soapnut Republic

Founded by a Shanghai-based New Zealand couple, Soapnut Republic is completely committed to making home cleaning products as clean, natural and effective as possible whilst using high-quality ingredients. Each product blends 100% natural Sapindus mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract with mineral-based ingredients sourced from across the world.

Add some eco-friendly cleaning solutions to your kitchen with the Grapefruit Dish Soap, the Foaming Hand Soap and the Cream Cleanser all are non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen-free. If you’re in need of a water cleanser, the Water Chef Infiltration System is ideal for a fuss-free home cleanse.

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Full cooking set from Meyer Accent Series

Image courtesy of Meyer

Synonymous with world quality and design in cooking ware, Meyer are innovators in sleek, luxury products for the modern kitchen. Functionality meets design in Meyer products which are suitable for all cooker types. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, or if you’ve just moved in, the Meyer Accent Series is an absolute must for convenient, quick cooking.

The 6-Piece Essential Set is a powerful minimalist set which includes a variety of pots and pans to cook up a feast—we’re talking from morning golden pancakes to scrumptious curries. Arriving in a user-friendly box, which welcomes you with in-depth instructions, the set includes:

The Saucepan

Hard anodised, non-stick aluminium, perfect for sauces and ramen.

The Stockpot

Stainless steel, used for nourishing chillies and has an anti-boilover design to keep the stovetop clean, its flares rim also makes it easy to pour from.

The Chef’s Pan

Hard anodised, non-stick aluminium, for stir-fries, braising, stewing, searing – all the good stuff.

The FryPan

Hard anodised, non-stick aluminium, easy pan recipes, from frying eggs to one-pan recipes.

Universal Lids

Stainless steel, to match the pots.

The Pan Protectors

Use these in between pans to help prevent scratches and blemishes.

We’re loving this set due to its ease-of-use, convenience and sturdy design – ideal for a luxe, compact home.

Find out more by visiting

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Premium tableware from Richard Ginori

Image courtesy of Richard Ginori

Spruce up your tableware collections with a set from luxury Italian brand Richard Ginori. Founded in Doccia (near Florence in Tuscany) in 1735 by a porcelain manufacturer, the label captures artistic, artisanal and commercial spirit of the Doccia Manufacture over the centuries.

In 2013, the Manifattura Richard ginori was acquired by Gucci and Alessandro Michele took the artistic direction of the brand until 2016. It is now under the reign of Kering Group and the creative direction was entrusted to a team of designers under Alessandro Michele.

Each product is made in Italy and defines the label’s expertise in craftsmanship and porcelain making, thus every product is unique. One of the most premium collections is the Oriente Italiano, only available upon special order (contact to order) and sourced directly from Italy. Exuding oriental charm with Italian elegance, the collection is composed of floral decorations to turn a simple kitchen to a luxe gathering space.

Crafted using pure porcelain composed of quartz, feldspar and china clay, Richard Ginori’s products incorporate over 300 years of expertise conducted in the Sesto Fiorentino factory from start to finish. Some of our favourites from the collection include the Oriente Italiano Citrino soup plate, the Oriente Italiano Citrino charge plate, and the Oriente Italiano Malachite dinner plate. The Ginori Babele collection is also available for viewing and purchasing at the Tablo showroom.

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Handblown glassware by IVV952

Image courtesy of IVV952 / Tablo HK

IVV952 is an exclusive and original Italian brand which incorporates years of expertise in glass blowing objects for household usage. Inspired by architecture, the brand curates versatile, geometric-embossed sculptures to match a modern kitchen. Each object is made by hand by a master glassmaker to mould each object with personal character, one that can only be achieved by manual treatment. There are slight imperfections and differences in each object, making each unique in its own form, and celebrating the handcrafting procedures which stay in vogue with IVV952’s products.

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Opulent teaware from Fortnum and Mason

Image courtesy of Fortnum and Mason

We all know that Fortnum and Mason are famous for their grand afternoon teas and delightful takeaway boxes of tea, but what about the premium teaware to bring the afternoon tea home? Offering a selection of teapots, teaware and teacups, tea sets have never been easier to source thanks to the exquisite selection curated by the London-born brand.

If you’re tea crazy like us, then fill your kitchen with some of the best products from Fortnum and Mason. The new Camellia china tea set is inspired by the stunning handmade wallpaper from the brand’s Diamond Jubilee tea Salon and is printed with chirping birds and divine tea leaves to represent the aura of Fortnums. Find yours in-store or online.

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Wireless lamp from Zafferano

Image courtesy of Zafferano / Tablo HK

Luxury brand Zafferano’s Poldina Lamp (£101 – currently on sale for £81) is a rechargeable table lamp with a touch on-off function for easy usage. With IP54 protection, the lamp can be used indoors or outdoors, or ideally around the kitchen space to light up the room when needed. Battery life is guaranteed for over nine hours meaning it lasts ages and its timeless silhouette will suit any home.

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Smart indoor gardens from Véritable

Image courtesy of Véritable

You may have already heard of the innovative technologies by Parisian brand, Véritable. Bringing an indoor garden to your kitchen, the products provide effortless growing, harvesting and consuming of herbs, edible flowers and vegetables. All you have to do is plug in the smart machine and insert the plant Lingots, which are pumped with coco peat foam, organic seeds and essential ingredients, using all-natural ingredients.

Then, fill the pot with water, which lasts for days before refilling it. Literally, the whole process then takes care of itself and the herbs and plants will grow based on the smart lighting and watering performed by the machine. Try the EXKY Classic Garden to begin growing year-round fruits and veggies within easy reach from your kitchen table.

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Essentials from Hestan NanoBond’s Saucepan and Frying Pan

Image courtesy of Hestan

Hestan’s story derives from the joint love of food and innovation when it comes to cooking – the brand believes it’s all in the details. CEO and founder Stanley Cheng made a breakthrough in the 1970s with his hard-anodised non-stick cookware. With world-renowned restaurants like The French Laundry and Per Se (chef Thomas Keller being a fan) using the products, Hestan thrives in the luxury cookware department and offers a range of culinary tools to spice up a kitchen.

One of the brand’s most famed innovations is the NanoBond technology which curates a remarkably resilient surface to eliminate the risk of scratching and staining – being four times harder than typical stainless steel. Each product is handcrafted in Italy using induction suitable triple-bonded construction and delivering a superior performance. We love the Hestan NanoBond 18cm Saucepan and the Hestan NanoBond 28cm French Skillet for long-standing use and phenomenal results.

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Sturdy cutlery from Pinti

Image courtesy of Pinti / Tablo HK

For over 80 years, Pinti Inox spa has passed down generations of knowledge in producing the perfect cutlery for the kitchen. Using sleek and timeless silhouettes, each cutlery is made using premium materials to ensure durability and function for an easy set for luxe home dining. Indulge in some of the best cutlery options to impress guests at your next dinner gathering.

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