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Masterclass: Learn how to cook the perfect steak

Learn how to cook the perfect steak

January is perceived as a month of giving up, shortly followed by lent when we abstain again for 40 days and nights, but we say don’t give up, take up. This February the newly opened Orange Elephant steak restaurant in Chelsea, London, whose signature Big Green Eggs have become the talk of the town, will launch their OE Experience package.

Budding BBQ’ers, dads prepping their skills for the summer months and carnivores alike can take part in the OE Experience which includes a masterclass with head chef Jai Parkinson, whose past experience includes working with top Michelin Star Chef, David Burke (who opened La Pont de la Tour, The Wolseley, Bentleys and Lutyens) and Julien Maisonnneuve (who headed up Tom Aitkens restaurant).

Learn how to cook the perfect steak
Learn how to cook the perfect steak at the Orange Elephant steak restaurant in Chelsea

Jai is inviting guests to step over to the other side and into his kitchen to take part in the ultimate steak masterclass. Jai will discuss the various cuts of beef and which are best for different cooking methods as well as why the South Devonshire Orange Elephant breed is so succulent. In addition to this, he will teach guests all there is to know about the Big Green Egg BBQ’s as well as advising on the best charcoal to use, temperatures and cooking surfaces. Knife skills, how to prepare your steak and seasoning to perfection are also included. Once the theory has been absorbed, guests can then put their knowledge to the test and start the cooking process, during which time Jai will advise on how to prepare the ultimate medium rare steak (or well done for those who prefer).

Following this, guests are then invited to sit and savour their masterpieces, whilst enjoying a wine tasting masterclass Orange Elephant’s sommelier, pairing the best red and white wine with their steak.

Why learn to cook on the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is a mix of modern technology married with age-old wisdom, it is a contemporary version of an ancient clay cooking device called the “kamado”. Typically, a large clay vessel with a lid, today, its clever ceramic design produces amazing cooking results – and Orange Elephant is keen to impart their secret to cooking the perfect steak using the Big Green Egg.

Learn how to cook the perfect steak
The Big Green Egg is a mix of modern technology married with age-old wisdom

Replacing the traditional charcoal briquettes and instead using natural lumps of charcoal, their lower density allows for optimal temperature control and does not impart any odours or flavours that would interfere with the succulent flavours of the steak. This fuel is capable of generating an intense controlled heat, essential to properly searing the meat, while roasting and smoking at the same time. Steaks are cooked exactly how they should be with beautiful cross hatch marks, crisp charred edges and the all-important juicy flavour.

So whether you are keen to impress your garden party guests this summer, looking for the ultimate Father’s Day gift or just fancy yourself as an amateur chef, join Jai and his highly experienced team to learn everything there is to know about steaks and preparing them using the Big Green Egg.

Orange Elephant offers two packages the first is £55 and includes a masterclass from Jai, learning about the Big Green Egg and how to cook on it and then a 2 course meal with a wine tasting class. For the serious carnivores try the Tomahawk experience for £120, which includes all the above but cooking the mighty Tomahawk steak.