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Scott Paton

Meet the chef: Talking food with Scott Paton from Boringdon Hall

By LLM Reporters on 21st October 2019

Bringing experience, creativity and vision to the table, Scott Paton’s food is technically precise, produce led and flavour driven. Each dish has a context and is relevant to the season and venue ethos.

Scott was appointed head chef at Boringdon Hall in May 2016, and within six months he had achieved three AA Rosette status in the hotel’s Gallery Restaurant. During this time, Scott also opened two new restaurants at Boringdon Hall, including the casual Mayflower Brasserie and wellness inspired Spatisserie at Gaia Spa.

We sat down with Scott and discussed everything from his signature dish to when he is most happiest.

Scott Paton was appointed head chef at Boringdon Hall in May 2016

What inspired you to become a chef?

I haven’t got a romantic story of what inspired me or a pivotal moment. I just have always wanted to be a chef, it’s what I have always been comfortable with.

What’s your signature dish?

That’s not really for me to decide our guests are the best people to decide what my signature dish would be. I think the most recognisable dish we do is probably our Brixham crab with curried emulsion, mango, cardamom and lime.

The Gallery Restaurant is one of the finest eateries in Devon

What are the most important considerations when crafting your menu?

Seasonality, sustainability and consistency, I like to have a good balance on the menu and ensure that they all things I want to eat myself.

What would you do if you weren’t a chef?

I was really interested in graphic design for a little bit, but in all honesty, I don’t have a backup career choice. Respect the life you took and love the food you cook.

What is your favourite dish to cook at home?

Simple classics, cottage pie, lasagne or roast dinners.

Awarded 3 AA Rosettes, food and drink is at the epicentre of Boringdon

What is your favourite ingredient?

Peaches; when you get a good peach in season, it’s pretty hard to beat. Enjoyed fresh is always best. We always like to have a peach dessert on the menu such as “Peaches and Cream” which was last summer’s most popular dessert; consisting of a peach cheesecake with fresh peach compote and peach and yoghurt sorbet. We are currently working on this summer’s peach dessert to ensure we can still offer the great flavours of the peaches but reworking it for our return guests.

When are you happiest?

There are lots of moments I’m happy for many different reasons it’s hard to pinpoint I’m a pretty happy person all the time, but I am easily pleased with the best 😉