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Restaurant Review: Plateau in Canary Wharf, London

Fine Dining with a twist in Canada Square

Plateau bar and grill restaurant

When you feel like adding a ray of sunshine to a dreary day in London, a dining experience situated on the fourth floor of Canada Square hardly springs to mind.

But despite all your predispositions allow me to assure you that Plateau truly is that ray of sunshine: in particular its mid-20th century Manhattan decor complementing an elegant main dining room, dramatic views across London’s rooftops, and bespoke fitments of a quality DIY giants could only dream of – all enhanced by elegant art deco lighting.

Plateau restaurant food
Plateau offers the finest French cuisine

This high-quality restaurant is headed by Chef Allan Pickett and his team, providing a selection of the finest French cuisine while choosing wines that uniquely complement the abundance of flavours. The entire menu sounds delectable, and every dish tried exceeded our expectations.

We are a nation that has a scandalous disregard for game, far preferring the bland safety of chicken to anything with even an inkling of flavour. Grouse is often seen as exotic, as if one bite will assail the taste buds. That said the pungent main course was jaw smacking and a delightful tickle on the tongue, lightly garnished with sweet tasting crisps and perfectly presented.

Fish is a speciality at the restaurant, with the tea smoked mackeral gracing the menu
Fish is a speciality at the restaurant, with the tea smoked mackeral gracing the menu

Dish after dish wowed with its balance of flavours and subtlety of expression. A selection of fine French cheeses and with a crisp chilled bottle of Sancerre, Andre Neveu rosé makes for a perfect ending to a fantastic evening.

The Plateau is more than a restaurant, it’s a mini-break from the city.

Address: Canary Wharf, London, E14 5ER, UK