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Q chocolate gift packs now available exclusively at Harrods

Q chocolate gift packs now available exclusively at Harrods

The award winning chocolate brand, Q, created by Brazilian chef Samantha Aquim, arrives at Harrods for the first time this spring. The exotic world of Brazilian cocoa, with its ever colourful fauna and flora, invites chocolate enthusiasts on a journey through a forgotten tropical universe, in search of the perfect cocoa bean and its sensorial possibilities.

Available exclusively at Harrods, the brand’s gift packs showcase Q chocolate and its many sophisticated variations: Aquim´s famous tins containing crunchy chocolate bites filled with toasted “grue de cacao” (cocoa nibs) and the wooden boxes showcasing Q six variations of chocolate bars. Free of all artificial flavourings and essences, Q bars contain only cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and a small amount of natural cane sugar.

Aquim’s entire chocolate bar collection will be available in the form of 5 gm ‘mini’-bars or 50gm bars presented in a wooden gift box and decorated with images from the cocoa forest. Already a best seller in Brazil, the range of chocolate tins now launch for the first time in the UK, employing Samantha’s original chocolate recipe (high percentage of cocoa mass) but in three different formats: chocolate discs, half moon shape and chocolate fingers. Each format is sold separately and comes filled with crunchy nibs of toasted cocoa.

Q chocolate gift packs now available exclusively at Harrods
Q has been created by Brazilian chef Samantha Aquim

Each pack features illustrations of animals and plants native to the cocoa plantation in Bahia state, in the northeast of Brazil. A close look at the Q packaging illustrations reveals a myriad of beautiful fauna and flora that inhabit Leolinda Farm, including bromeliads, armadillos, monkeys and many tropical birds. The sophisticated wooden boxes were inspired by the farm´s fermentation vats, this range presents the same wood and leather wrappings that ferment every lot produced at Leolinda.

The Q process, created and pioneered by chef Samantha Aquim, allows the flavour of cocoa to reveal itself as nature intended. The chocolate is available in six grades of cocoa mass, with the range being divided into “suaves” (soft – 55%, 60% and 65%) and “intensos” (intense – 75%, 80% and 85%). In 2015, Q 65% won a Bronze Award by the UK Academy of Chocolate and in 2013 the entire range were granted a Bronze Lion from Cannes Design Awards for its exciting packaging.

Samantha Aquim, the chef chocolatier behind the Q chocolate range, including the acclaimed Q0, said: “Our family creations are born out of passion and with Q we would like to invite UK customers to associate chocolate with the natural world of cocoa. Once you try a bar of Q you will be reminded that chocolate is made from a tropical fruit and its subtle notes of dried banana, mango and passion fruit will bring you even closer to the rainforest.”

Director of Food and Restaurants at Harrods, Bruce Langlands, added: “Working with brands who showcase provenance, heritage and craftsmanship is something that is at the core of our business and Q chocolate, personify just that. Offering our customers product they can’t find anywhere else in the world remains a top priority, so we have worked very closely with Q to produce a range of exclusive chocolate boxes only available at Harrods. We are extremely excited to welcome Q chocolate to the Food Halls this spring and to continue to offer our loyal customers the best in food.”