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Restaurant Review: Champagne brunch at the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone in London

After over five years of unsuccessful booking attempts, the blue fairy finally granted my wish for the decadently luxurious Champagne brunch at the stunning Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

The squeals from my sister still ring through the ears and my arm red raw from her excited squeeze. As we arrived both dressed in our favourite white dresses soaking up the glorious sunshine, it was a matter of moments before our breaths were taken away and our faster-than-light pace switched to snail mode.

We savoured every moment of the mesmerising and tranquil oasis of the ultra glamorous Winter Garden, contained within a magical eight-storey glass atrium completed with towering tropical palm trees and gorgeous views of the hotel’s exterior. A live pianist added to the soothing ambience, adding that extra touch of glamour and elegance to our experience.

The staff, ever-so warm and welcoming, guided us to our table and wasted no time filling our flutes with chilled, high-quality champagne, kindly letting us know the buffet was ready for us to enjoy. The lavishly grand feast that was laid out was phenomenal! Starting at the salad bar we salivated over the dishes – perfectly soft potato salad; cold, seasoned egg plant; Greek salad with plump olives and creamy feta and prawn cocktails served in vodka glasses to name a few, not to mention the fresh, still-in-their-shell prawns; generous sushi bar and fresh, soft breads. A second plate swiftly followed for the delicious hot brunch selection, which included eggs benedict, hearty award-winning sausages, crispy golden French toast swimming in maple syrup and fresh omelettes. The staff, impressively, maintained a Champagne sixth sense, generously topping our flutes when bordering the bottom.

Dangerously close to a full stomach, we debated skipping the mains and moving straight to dessert, that is until the melt-in-the-mouth red wine sirloin and fresh tortellini in a silky tomato sauce proved irresistible. Diners can enjoy the full traditional Sunday lunch complete with fluffy Yorkshire puddings, crisp roast potatoes with lashings of gravy, with the option of enjoying a tender shoulder of lamb and juicy pork with its apple sauce companion. Fish lovers are by no means neglected with many seafood dishes spotted as well as Asian curries and noodles for those craving a little spice.

The dessert station was a stunning sight like no other, surrounded by little colourful pieces of sweet heaven which looked far too good to eat. I gazed at the bright rainbow exotic fruit salad encased in a shot glass, chilled creamy crème brûlée on a spoon – for a mouthful of sugary sweetness, then shifted my eyes to the hot steaming sticky coffee pudding. Plates in hand, I chose some of my favourite treats; the panna cotta, which had a light richness and worked beautifully with the sharp cranberry pieces, the passion fruit dessert tasted as beautiful as it was presented – in a wine glass – however the true show stopper was the towering chocolate fountain with fruit, brownie and marshmallow delights to dip in as the velvety thick chocolate flowed down.

Sugar-fest complete, we watched as waiters brought out several mini birthday cakes with chocolate frosting to tables celebrating their big day. We were pleasantly surprised, yet confused, when a happy birthday plate descended onto our table and, despite explanations that neither of us had celebrations, we were offered a slight wink and “enjoy” along with two extra glasses of Champagne, despite passing our bubbly curfew 15 minutes previously.

Two hours later and complete with food babies and a bubble high, we indulged in a Gaur sister photo shoot amongst the lavish surroundings before making our exit.

Being one of London’s priciest brunches at £110 per person, it still holds a waiting list months in advance, even with the addition of a Saturday service. The Landmark brunch defines the very epitome of remarkable luxury with a grand lavish Champagne feast fit for royalty amongst fairytale surroundings, it is truly an experience like no other.

Address: The Landmark London Hotel, 222 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JQ / 020 7631 8000