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Restaurant Review: Industry Kitchen, New York in the USA

After days of consuming all of NYC’s carbs (pizza, pasta, bagels, pancakes – if it contained gluten, we ate it!), my mother and I were in need of a light lunch. So, in many ways it was a blessing we found Industry Kitchen, a restaurant with a rather appealing salad menu. In other ways however, it was a total curse, as their pizzas looked incredible.

Industry Kitchen is based in Downtown New York, a 5-minute walk away from Wall Street. The chances are you wouldn’t stumble upon it, as the restaurant backs onto a main road and, from there, it looks more like a science museum than an eatery. In reality, however, the location is one of its perks; Industry Kitchen sits on the edge of the East River and has an unrivalled view over Brooklyn’s skyline.

My mother and I were there on a foggy December afternoon, when the view was somewhat limited – as in we couldn’t see a thing – but I imagine (Instagram tells me) it’s an ideal place to dine in summer or on a clear winter’s evening.

Industry Kitchen offers a range of casual sharing plates as well as mains

After ten minutes of trying to spot the skyscrapers through the fog, we each ordered a glass of prosecco, which was flavoursome and fruity. For starters, we shared a plate of Piquillo peppers and a trio of seasonal dips: beetroot, pumpkin and sweet potato humus. Much unlike the grey, misty view, the plates were colourful and vibrant.

The peppers, which were described on the menu as ‘blistered’ – not the most appealing adjective, I agree – were a delight. Drizzled in olive oil and lemon juice, they were simultaneously sweet, spicy, and smoky. Despite the pumpkin and sweet potato dips tasting slightly similar, we enjoyed the dish and the accompanying crunchy vegetable crisps made a refreshing change to pitta, even if it did make the dipping process a little messy!

The chef uses seasonal ingredients to bring the menu to life

When it came to mains, we toyed for ages with the tempting salad options, but both settled for goats cheese. Salads can get a bad reputation for being boring, however, this goats cheese plate was anything but. Jampacked with puy lentils, apple strips, grapes, butternut squash mousse and even a raspberry puree, it was lively and most definitely not rabbit food. Not only did it taste incredible, but it looked beautiful too – a sign perhaps that this eatery is doing all it can to lure in a young, Instagram-obsessed crowd.

My hunch is further confirmed by the pizza menu where diners can choose between a ‘Guinness World Record 24K* Pizza’, which is topped with Stilton, foie gras, platinum Ossetra caviar, truffle and 24K gold leaves or the Pop Candy Land, complete with a rainbow crust, cream cheese frosting, pop rocks and cotton candy. Not for me, but each to their own!

Although I should say, pizza purists needn’t fret, Industry Kitchen also offers the classics, as well as other more sophisticated dishes (the Miso Salmon & Lobster Linguini were two dishes which caught our attention).

The stunning dining space which overlooks Brooklyn

Despite looking slightly like a science museum from the back, the venue is stunning. Its silver roof is held up by silver pillars, which helps to explain the science museum look. The interior looks slightly futuristic with an electric-green tiled kitchen, an industrial style metallic bar and uniform benches for seating. It’s swish and a hotspot for trendy New York locals. Overall, we loved our lunch at Industry; although it’s not luxury in a typical sense, it’s classy (pizzas aside), stylish and well worth a visit.

Address: 70 South St, New York, NY 10038, USA
Telephone: +1 212-487-960