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Restaurant Review: L’Autre Pied, Marylebone in London

scallop dish

Whenever I happen to adventure up past Oxford Street and into Marylebone, I am more often than not pleasantly surprised, telling myself to venture back sooner than I most often do. On Blandford Street, the latest discovery to my ‘Marylebone mind map’ is L’Autre Pied. Marvelling in dishing up modern French cuisine and, since 2009, this unassuming restaurant has been stamped with a prestigious Michelin star, and offers creative dishes across changing menus. The sister restaurant to two Michelin starred Pied à Terre, L’Autre Pied is arranged with no fuss furnishings; letting its menus take centre stage.

L’Autre Pied, Marylebone in London
L’Autre Pied is a one Michelin star restaurant situated in Marylebone

Accommodating up to 53, with sprinklings of extra seating out on their terrace or within their private dining room, L’Autre Pied describe themselves as ‘chic and contemporary dining in fashionable Marylebone,’ and this attitude is present throughout the tasting menu we made our way through on one particular Sunday afternoon.

dish at L’Autre Pied
Seasonal and eye catching dishes grace the restuarant’s impressive tasting menu

Complementing summer in the city, we started with light and fresh seasonal ingredients with their Heritage Tomato Salad, awash with the vivid reds and oranges of the tomatoes. Following on with an Asian spark, the ceviche of hand dived Scottish scallops alongside fennel, green olives, lemon and some seaweed crackers to add texture. This was again a light and fresh dish, bursting with crisp greens. Something new to me and a notch up on the indulgent scale, the roasted foie gras, served with black cherry, pistachio and sake screamed Michelin star and was delicately presented on an earth blue ceramic plate.

L’Autre Pied
The restuarant serves up some of the tastiest desserts in the capital

Next up was a Cornish charred cod served with crevettes, crushed Jersey Royals, buttermilk and lovage, and was fresh but meaty, and a seafood dish I would happily order as a main course. A particular favourite of mine, the Roast Suckling Pig with canneloni, generous fresh peas and radicchio certainly didn’t disappoint with rich, tasty meat and a thick layer of crackling.

Never one to not at least take a peek at any given cheese selection, L’Autre Pied’s cheese board was presented to our table. Again no fuss with a combination of soft and hard cheeses you are able to select as many or few as you fancy, I opted for a selection of soft cheeses, served with red grapes, some crisp thins and a sweet dessert wine to wrap up our summer Sunday afternoon. Saying that we move my praise away from the cheese and onto my guest’s dessert which was the true showstopper. The gianduja pavé, with dark chocolate glaze and hazelnut ice cream is a whirlpool of chocolate and is a pleasure to the eyes as much to the taste buds, presented with fragile flakes of gold leaf and violet petals; something to save room for!

L'Autre Pied
Presenting Michelin-starred French cuisine, L’Autre Pied is the sister restaurant of highly regarded Pied a Terre

Opening back in 2007, L’Autre Pied has seen a number of names at its helm. David Moore is behind this quaint restaurant and he quickly gained the coveted Michelin star with Marcus Eaves leading the way. Today Martin Major can be found designing and creating the contemporary and seasonal menus. As I say, it’s no fuss and don’t expect glamour beyond the dishes and their ingredients. Squeezed between two pillars by the glass facade at the front of the restaurant, there are no chandeliers, crystal cut glasses or thick linen table cloths. The elegance although comes with the menu; food really is what it’s all about at L’Autre Pied. One worth a marking down… next time you’re in Marylebone.

Address: 5-7 Blandford Street, London W1U 3DB, 020 7486 9696,