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Restaurant Review: Mamie’s, Covent Garden in London

Mamie's, Covent Garden in London

Forget escargots and buttery baguettes, a new French cuisine has recently arrived in London. A soft launch just this Autumn, Mamie’s, tucked away a street or so from Covent Garden’s piazza is the UK’s first genuine Breton inspired crêperie that has filled yet another French gourmet gap in London.

Mamie's, Covent Garden in London
Mamie’s is a true French restaurant and Breton Crêperie located in Covent Garden

Pursuing a light bulb moment from the clear lack of true, no nonsense crêperies in London; entrepreneur Aymeric Peurois has nurtured Mamie’s to life with the idea of introducing to the UK this widely unknown French style of cooking and eating that showcases authentic tastes specifically from the region of Brittany. This, in turn, nurturing nostalgia for French individuals across the English capital.

Despite serving a menu piled high with tradition, Mamie’s isn’t one bit stuffy and features a modern city edge adorned with hanging foliage alongside neon pink touches, lighting up the otherwise plain setting. Set over three floors and adaptable to catering to groups for relaxed diners or those on the go, Mamie’s offers a flexibility with endless creations and a lengthy choice of extras. A menu of French favourites featuring their distinctive taste, made of a batter with a sweet edge, orders can be part of a full “galette and crêpe” (savoury & sweet) meal or chosen individually for smaller bites.

A staple of Breton cooking and the savoury sibling to the widely known crêpe, galettes are lighter and (in theory) healthier. Similar to our familiarity of the French crêpe, galettes can be piled high and filled with savoury delights and are are adaptable to individual tastes. A bonus that is sure to be welcomed with open arms by the conscious dining scene, galettes are made of buckwheat, and aside from the nutty flavour that is both soft but with a slight bite, these galettes result in being conveniently gluten free.

Mamie's, Covent Garden in London
The crepes are delicious and the service is super friendly and welcoming

An even more unlikely paring to sit alongside Mamie’s collection of galettes and crêpes, Bretons consider the perfect partner to their galette / crêpe experience to be cider. La Cidrothèque or to us a cider cellar – Mamie’s is not without; with a cellar filled with ciders tucked in the basement. Without a pint glass in sight but just two humble saucers which remained on our small, round table; Bretons drink their cider out of a “bolée” – or bowl; something from our French neighbours, you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the UK. With this in mind, naturally Mamie’s offers the very best ciders which include ten of the most popular French ciders (from both Brittany and Normandy). Other further afield brands are sourced from Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and even New Zealand.

Values at the heart of Mamie’s are both traditional but in keeping with modern dining. A desire to offer a unique and authentic dining experience with the very best classic cuisine of Brittany, Mamie’s, in a nutshell, is a laid back all day dining destination with a desirable difference.

Address: 19 Catherine St, London WC2B 5JS, 020 7836 7216 /