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Restaurant Review: Remezzo, Mykonos in Greece

Remezzo, Mykonos in Greece

On the cobbled streets of Mykonos Town sits Remezzo, a traditional Greek restaurant which uses Greece’s finest and freshest ingredients to make sophisticated, modern cuisine. It’s a well-established venue which has been wining and dining the glamourous holiday makers of the island since 1967.

My Mother and I tried out the venue for dinner in mid-July and were truly overwhelmed with the beautiful setting and delicious food.

Like a lot of restaurants in Mykonos, Remezzo has a trendy but relaxed vibe. The outside area, which consists of comfy white seating, looks directly over the Mediterranean Sea, making it the ideal place to watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail – and what a cocktail list they have!

For us, the stand out cocktail had to be ‘Melina’s Passion’: a small, glass teapot of Dissaranno, mixed with passionfruit juice, which was then poured over a large, circular ice cube of rosewater. It was insanely tasty and great fun to serve!

The restaurant uses fresh local produce

During our time in Greece, my Mum and I became very fond of Greek rose and the house rose at Remezzo didn’t disappoint. Full of delicious, berry flavours and sweet, caramel tones, the Ktima Biblia Chora was the perfect accompaniment to a light Mediterranean dinner.

As is often the case in mainland Europe, our drinks were served with a selection of tasty nibbles, including, what I would say, is the best taramasalata on the island! It was thick and creamy with a delightful citrus aftertaste; we couldn’t get enough.

The restaurant’s food menu features a handful of Greek classics like Souvlaki and Moussaka but, by and large, the dishes go beyond the borders of the country.

For starters, we tried the traditional Shrimp Saganaki and the Roasted Scallops. The saganaki was delicious; the meaty prawns were served with perfectly sweet tomatoes and tangy feta – if you like salty dishes as much as I do, this is the dish for you!

Unlike the sea-flavoured Saganaki, the roasted scallops tasted far earthier. Despite being served with a light, artichoke mousse and peppery, basil dressing, the flavours weren’t over-powering, and, as a result, a very appetising dish was created.

For her main course, my Mum continued with the earthy palette set by the scallops and ordered the Roasted Lamb with Wild Oregano, Thyme and Baby Potatoes. The lamb, alongside the locally grown potatoes, were cooked traditionally in an oiled bag for six hours before serving. In case you doubted their cooking method, the lamb was served in its individual bag and cut open before your eyes. As one would expect, the meat was tender and flavoursome and well worth every minute of its time in the bag.

The relaxing restaurant area which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea

I went for the Grilled Red Mullet with Sweet and Sour Vinaigrette; this vibrant-coloured fish set the plate alight with its bright-coral sheen and, the aubergine puree, which accompanied it, made a refreshing change to the typical steamed vegetables offered at other restaurants on the island. To add texture, the chef topped it with a black olive crumb which suitably complimented the salty vinaigrette.

After a glass of wine and several minutes spent gazing at the beautiful Mediterranean sunset, it was time for pudding. We were dining in Remezzo on the last night of our break and, after a week of over- indulgence, couldn’t manage (unfortunately) the cheesecake our waiter recommended for dessert. We did, however, have room for the ‘variety of Greek ice-creams’. Often dismissed as the boring option on a dessert menu, these flavours were anything but uninteresting. Now, courtesy of Remezzo, baklava flavour ice-cream is now my favourite!

We left the restaurant around 10pm but we were assured that the party goes on until 4am. As one of the island’s most renowned restaurants, booking is imperative, particularly between June – August.

If Remezzo doesn’t tickle your fancy for food however, the venue is well worth visiting for the jazzy bar area alone, which, courtesy of colourful, light bulbs decoratinging the terrace, is incredibly picturesque.

Address: Polikandrioti, Mikonos 846 00, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 025700