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Restaurant Review: Six by Nico, Fitzrovia in London

By Anuja Gaur  |  August 22, 2020

As the UK hospitality industry continues to reignite its pre pandemic groove and welcome the well-heeled public back to the comforts of champagne nights and low-lit luxury dining, the nation’s beloved chip shop supper was recently treated to a decadent model makeover. Unrecognisable from its previous grease-infused humble appearance courtesy of the new Fitzrovia gem, Six by Nico, this restaurant has transformed this national favourite within its ever-evolving concept restaurant.

Headed by Italian-Glaswegian entrepreneur and chef, Nico Simeone and already boasting a CV with The Balmoral’s Michelin Starred, Number One, Six by Nico first came into fruition in his hometown in March 2017, wooing the Scottish crowds with a six-weekly evolving, fine dining menu comprising of six sublimely delicious tasting dishes. The idea saw this unique establishment experience and gain extraordinary attainment with further success stories in Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool.

The 6 course tasting menu ” The Chippie” features reimagined classics with a twist

After the dark days of Covid 19 that put a devastating halt to the eagerly awaited opening on the 31st March, Nico was hot on the heels of London’s July reopening scene with his first quirky concept menu, ‘The Chippie’.

The doors of Six by Nico unveiled low key, yet impeccably glamorous surroundings that exuded an Art Deco vibe, with an earthy rich colour palette, bold exposed pipes, and an open kitchen designed to bring some cooking theatrics and entertainment to the table, finished off with striking glass atmospheric lighting.

The meal started with the restaurant’s simple, yet head turning Aperitif, Seaside 75; a soft melody of earl grey and lemon blended with generously crisp prosecco bubbles, a dash of samphire and a wooden chip fork of tongue tingling sherbet.  Swiftly following were a selection of snacks of soft, sourdough bread accompanied with a powerful shellfish butter, and crispy delicate twirls of Filo Cannelloni loaded with creamy taramasalata, beautifully presented on a bed of beach pebbles destined to ignite Instagram envy.

Deconstructed steak pie features Speyside beef shin with a meaty salsa

The course of Nico’s take on chips and cheese set the tone for the afternoon; a pot of warm, velvety melted cheese with a touch of curry oil, served beside a crispy brandade croquette loaded with silky mash potato. The second course soon followed suit, a flaky, yet meaty cheek of tender monkfish in a light golden breadcrumb batter, resting on a bed of sweet peas and an elegantly flavoursome Beurre Blanc. The wine pairing was a match made in heaven, with the soft tartness of the Casa de Vila Nova cutting through the rich seafood and creamy parmesan flavours.

The third course of deconstructed steak pie won the gold, not only with it’s alluring high fashion cover style presentation, but also the melt-in-the-mouth shin of tender slow cooked beef enveloped in an ample reduced meat salsa, topped with fragile mushroom shavings and rounded off with a glass of Argentinian Amauta Malbec. Equally easy on the eyes and palette was the fish supper, comprising of a delicately fried, glistening Shetland cod portion, paired with juicy pickled mussels on a bed of warm fennel.

Adding to the buzzing cooking theatrics was the trio of pork main course finale, accompanied with black pudding cubes and swirls of apple sauce that was encased in a smoke filled, glass cloche, with the staff awaiting my go ahead to release the fumes filled domes for the spotlight Instagram showcase.

The deep fried Mars Bar dessert is the perfect conclusion to the menu

The dessert of deep fried Mars Bar proved the perfect conclusion to Nico’s imaginative flair on our much loved Friday supper, with the gooey richness of dark chocolate, and deep fried batter balls against the sweet, citrusy touches of real blood orange sorbet that paired harmoniously with Italy’s honeyed dessert wine of Araldica, Moscato, Passito Palazzina.

With an eternal battle amongst London’s high-end eateries and establishments, Nico Simeone sweeps up the winning stakes with his one of a kind concepts that offer head turning, luxurious tasting creations never experienced before at blink-twice affordable prices. This menu starts from £35 per head with optional matching wine pairing offered at an additional £33 and it runs until the 30th August, so get in quick!

The next menu will be based on the nostalgia of our childhood favourites, be they Grandma’s homemade ox cheek lasagne or an eggy soldier or two, I am sure this will be just as delightful and I am confident that Six by Nico is well on its way to conquering London’s bustling foodie scene.


Address: 41 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1RR
Phone: 0207 580 8143