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Restaurant Review: Urban Foundry, Pune in India

By Jyoti Balani  |  January 22, 2020

Founded by Sangram Shirole, Suryabhan Shinde and Hrishikesh Shinde, Meraki Hospitality has created brands that are some of Pune’s most popular venues. One of their brilliant ventures is The Urban Foundry which has now created a buzz in the city and is a much talked about venue owing to its unique ambience, positive vibes and innovative techniques.

So when I was invited by Sangram Shirole to visit this exciting eatery for lunch, I was obviously thrilled. Quirky interiors, exemplary service and good quality global cuisine make a visit to The Urban Foundry an absolute delight as I discovered during my recent visit to the Kalyaninagar outlet. The popular restaurant is ideally situated at Kalyani Nagar, a popular area in Pune.

Daal baati knowsuey is one of the classic Indian items on the menu at the Urban Foundry

It is a combination of several factors that come together to create The Foundry experience and leave an impression on anybody that walks in. Whether it is the installations or moving gears that fascinate, or the quirkiness of the posters, each element stands out. The industrial theme of this outlet is evident on the walls, lights, cutlery and even the furniture. But what makes it outstanding is the quality of food and the warmth of the service staff.

There is a lot of metal play here in several forms such as the furnishings, installations or cutlery. The industrial theme along with gear installations and huge lights make the ambience stand out. The wooden accents create a comfortable vibe in the restaurant.

The restaurant serves a mix of local favourites as well as global cuisine to cater for all tastes

The food menu is also printed in a very innovative way and I could not stop staring it or taking photos of the menu card. We tried the chicken vada pao, the daal baati khowsuey, the desi mushroom on toast, the Thai chicken thigh, the Indian thaalis and the Soya Chaap. The Chatpata Float, which is a combination of kala khatta, ice cream and Sprite, brings the child alive in you as you sip on it!

The amount of effort that has gone into creating such an innovative menu with local favourites as well as global cuisine to cater to everyone’s plate is commendable. The beautifully presented Kulfi was a perfect end to a fantastic meal. There are plenty of options in the menu to cater to everyone’s tastes. After a while cutting chai was served along with miniature packets of Parle G biscuits which are an all time favourite!

Attention to detail is evident in the industrial styled presentation of dishes

A casual dining place, I immediately noticed that this place was packed to capacity when we entered the restaurant and the guests seemed to be having a super time going by the peals of laughter and friendly banter. The expansive bar and superb choice of music adds to the ambience. What makes it even more attractive is the way the food is served in the unique plates, cutlery and service equipment which is inspired by nuts, bolts and screws.

The scribbling on the DJ counter and above the bar in the local language add to the charm of the place along with giving it a uniqueness of it’s own. I have heard that this place has talented bartenders who mix up amazing and innovative cocktails but unfortunately we ended up visiting The Urban Foundry on a dry day.

The fact that we (me and my mum) left the place with a smile hoping to come back for more says a lot about the uniqueness, warmth and efficiency of The Urban Foundry experience. Definitely worth several visits!


Address: 1, Balewadi High St, next to Cummins India Office, Laxman Nagar, Balewadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411045, India
Phone: +91 89830 01155